Daejeon Eating and Drinking Guide

The following are some of the Harrington's favorite spots for a drink of coffee or other beverages as well as favorite eateries in Daejeon. Click on the links for the original posts and more detailed directions and menu information! (Posts with out links are reviews currently in the works from THT).

International Foods:
Taco K - Mexican Cuisine, located in Gung-dong
Takorea - Mexican Cuisine, near Eunhaeng-dong (Old Downtown)
Proper Chinese - Chinese Cuisine, located in Gung-dong
Ali Baba's Treasure - Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, located in Gung-dong
New Taj Mahal - Indian Cuisine, located in Gung-dong
Enerel - Mongolian Cuisine, located in Eunhaeng-dong
Naran - Mongolian Cuisine, located in Eunhaeng-dong
Oriental Spoon - Various Asian Cuisine, located in Say Department Store
Japanese Ramen - Japanese Ramen, located near Yeosung station
I'm Asia - Various Asian Cuisine, located near Daejeon Station

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs:
Hot Dog Lab - located in Gung-dong
House Grill - Daejeon's best hamburger near Yongmun Station
Play Burger - All fresh produce and beef, various locations around Daejeon
Ms. Jin's Hamburgers - Cheap and Delicious, located in Gung-dong

Korean Foods:
Dino-Meats Grill - Korean BBQ Buffet, located in Galma-dong and nearish bus terminal
Little Tomo - Korean Fusion, specialty in Donkatsu (Pork Cutlet), located in underground shopping area.
Machera Well Being - Korean Vegetarian Buffet, located outside of Banseok Station
Cheap Pork Village - Spicy Pork followed by Cheesy Rice, located in Gung-dong

Noriter and La Bodega del Arte - Cafe's in Gung-dong
Oven Story and Cafe Aroma - located in Eunhaeng-dong
The Mill - Coffee and Fantastic Sandwiches, located next to Eunhaeng-dong
The OEC - Daejeon's best Green Tea Latte, located in Galma-dong
The Chocolate - Daejeon's best Hot Chocolate, located in Gung-dong
Joony Pie - Store roasted coffee and a variety of home-made pies, located in Dunsan-dong
Cafe Moru - Fantastic Brunch Menu, located in Dunsan-dong
Snow Spoon - Frozen yogurt by weight and coffee, located in Dunsan-dong

Wiezenhaus - Steaks, Buffet and Micro-brews in Manyeong-dong
Daejeon Cantina - Foreigner Bar and Mexican Cuisine in Dunsan-dong
Howl at the Moon - Open Mic Nights, located in Gung-dong
Shisha House - best beer selection in Daejeon, located in Gung-dong

Online Foreigner-made:
Bit-of-Homemade - English Pasties, Curry and Sweets

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