Monday, August 1, 2011

'Occasional' Coffee Dates and Other Treats: July 2011

Throughout the month of July, coffee dates were held primarily in Eunhaeng-dong as Melissa stalked the cutesy shops of the neighborhood in search of gifts for the family and friends she will see in a matter of hours. Fortunately, Eunhaeng-dong provides a wealth of cozy, comfy, chocolaty, creamy, coffee-producing coffee shops, of which all were fabulous finds!

The first one featured is a chocolate cafe and aside from offering the regular array of coffee beverages, they provide their costumers opportunity to purchase some fine chocolates and even a chocolate Pat-Bing-Su (which was what Jen and Melissa went for after an evening in the market). You'll know you're there by the chocolate display in the window and if you're not sure, just look for the words "Shall we chocolate?" on the window and you'll know without a doubt!


On a Sunday Coffee date, Melissa and dear friend Holly made their way to the cafe above the Flying Pan named the Oven Story (pretty sure). This cafe not only features delectable drinks, waffles, a few sandwiches and cupcakes but also has on sale some adorable, not-so-Korean-cutesy-style skirts, shirts, accessories and nick-knacks.


A more recent and memorable coffee date took Melissa and Holly one floor above the chocolate cafe mentioned earlier. The cafe claims to be famous for their latte art and it's a sure possibility. The foam was perfect (according the expert of the two girls, Holly) and the coffee oh, so divine. Melissa opted for a cafe cream latte unsure what such would entail and was overjoyed to receive a slightly sweet cup of coffee with the smoothest, most delicate and delicious cream to ever pass these taste buds.


Getting There: All of these coffee shops are essentially in the same area. Get off an Jung-angro Subway station (unsure of the exit, perhaps 5?) Regardless, make your way to the large and famous Bakery or stationary store, or the Flying Pan and you should find one or all of these sweet little cafes. Enjoy!

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