Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hamburger 주새요: House Grill


There is one Burger Joint in Daejeon that far exceeds them all. Ms. Jin's is fabulous for price and flavor as is Playburger. However, if you were to ask the Harrington's where they go for a burger that most reflects the burgers that meet their 'Wyoming-beef-country' standards - House Grill would be the answer, hands down.

First tipped off to this burger joint by a good friends blog post, the Harrington's knew they were in need of a short subway ride to discover what all the hype was about. A few weeks later the couple was biting into a magnificently spiced burger with a toasted bun and egg on top. Accompanied by Wine, Beer or Dr. Pepper and a plate full of chili fries none of the eaters felt any dissatisfaction.

Bonus: House Grill has a Facebook account so you can keep track of any specials or activities. The owner and cook has fabulous English as he lived abroad for a while so there's no need to fear placing your order. Additional Bonus: The owner is an artist, reflective of Tim Burton, his work is displayed in the burger joint and available for purchase.

Getting There: Yongmun Station, Exit 4 (?) Walk a couple of blocks, it's on the left. The best directions/map can be found on our friends original blog post regarding House Grill - so check it out!

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