Friday, March 4, 2011

Hamburger 주세요: Ms. Jin's Hamburgers


Korea has some to-die-for food traditions that any foreigner ought to spend ample amounts of time devouring. However, there are occassions when samgyeopsal, dalk galbi, kimbap or bibimbap just don't strike the right cords. On those occassions, foreigners and Koreans alike, have a number of choices ranging from staying home to meet-your-own-craving to sampling a dish from an Italian or Western style restaurant. As healthy and true-bred Americans, the Harrington's occassionally want to feel that non-Korean craving with a good ole dose of Hamburger. Daejeon features a number of great burger establishments which may just be fortunate enough to one day earn their own post, however today's post, The Harrington Time's first hamburger post, is given to Ms. Jin.

Located in Gung-dong right behind Daejeon's major university, Chungnam National University, Ms. Jin serves up a mighty burger for less than 5,000 W, add fries and a drink for 1,500 W and you're looking at the perfect pre-bar hopping dinner, mid-bar hopping snack, or post bar-hopping munchy. Ms. Jin even provides an English menu for those foreigners who haven't quite figured out hanguel and the proper way to read:  햄버거. Favorite menu items for the Harrington's and friends have been the cheeseburger which is topped with an egg, shredded cabbage and pickles (sweet pickles, so if you don't appreciate the sweet pickle just let Ms. Jin know) and the chili burger which is surrounded by a thick, firery chili unlike any other. The menu also includes hot dogs of all sorts and a few more takes on the hamburger, if you're looking for a cheap yet satisfying burger, Ms. Jin's is the place to go.

Getting There: Best bet is to head toward Chungnam National University (중남대학교 - Chungnam Dae Hak-Gyo) by bus or taxi. Some buses which head that direction are: 102, 104, 105, 106, 108, 109, 113, and 706. Once you're near the University, wander toward the center of the Gung-dong neighborhood and look for a small shop as shown in the above photos. Across the way is 'Chicken Island' another small restaurant and many bars and no-rae bangs line the rest of the streets of this area, good luck finding the shop and if you need further directions of information give us a holler in the comment section!

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