Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Coffee: February 2011

If you're living it up in Daejeon, South Korea there are a few neighborhoods you will want to frequent. Dunsan-dong or 'New' Downtown is a popular place for dining and boozing in the city as well as no-rae-bang, multi-bangs, coffee chains, and shopping. Eun-hang-dong or 'Old' Downtown is a bit the same with more access to shopping such as in the underground mall, at Zara or even a traditional market at the nearby Daejeon Station.

However, there's another area of town which ought to be frequented, and a prime reason for frequenting the area is to enjoy a mug or teacup of coffee with a dear friend or two. The area of town is known as Gung-dong and lies right near Daejeon's larger university, Chungnam National University. Numerous buses run in the direction of Chungnam and provide the perfect starting point for hitting up some fine coffee-house establishments. Recently, Melissa Harrington has declared Sunday's coffee day, and while the Mr. plays soccer, the Mrs. and a friend wander the streets before sitting down to a cup-of-joe, good conversation and/or a good book. We at THT will take a moment each month to give a little taste of the coffee experiences had by Mrs. Harrington and welcome any recommendations of coffee shops in Gung-dong from any of our readers.

La Botega Del Arte
Just behind the university in one of the less lit up areas of Gung-dong rests this sweet little coffee shop. Beverages are served in sweet teacups by a sweet couple who appear to have a decent understanding of coffee and coffee culture. The shop is an ecclectic mix of cross-stiched hangings, modern art, chunky magazines, bird cages and kitchy odds and ends that allow patrons to feel at home and slightly entertained.

Mint Mocha
Part of a smaller chain of coffee shops that has more character and appeal than common chains such as Angel-In-Us and Holly's coffee, Noriter means playhouse and each coffee shop has just that vibe. Patrons can choose to sit in a loft, at a table or hidden in a back corner while leaving a note in a nearby Nortier Notebook or simply adding your message to the many maintained on the walls of this dreams-really-do-come-true-playhouse-environment. Noriter is a favorite coffee shop for the Harrington's and their expat friends. As of this writing, there are two known Noriter's in Daejeon - one in Gung-dong near the CNA and Lotteria and another near Hannam University.

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