Friday, April 22, 2011

Coffee and Produce: A Bi-Weekly Ritual

Market Goods
Melissa has a couple of deep loves:

a) Cheap Food
b) Food in General
c) Cooking and Baking
d) Deep Conversations in Intimate Settings

One of the primary factors that motivated the Harringtons to move to Daejeon, South Korea specifically was the promise of being close to fellow Wyoming-ites and dear friends Matt and Jen.
Put all of this in a bowl, mix it together and what you wind up with is a Bi-Weekly Ritual of meeting at Daejeon Station to chow down on street food, purchase the cities cheapest produce from the cities hardest working women all whilst having the most meaningful, haphazard, entertaining and enlightening of conversations.

Jen and Melissa have split dozens of carrots for about US$2, same with onions and each scored a pumpkin for the price of about US$2. The two have enjoyed fried 'anything-you-want' as well as fresh juice and American style sandwhiches.

Most weeks, the outing includes a trip to Daejeon's international World Foods Store for ingredients such as cilantro, curry paste, rice noodles, tamarind and spices. Next it's into the market weaving between fish bodies, pig parts, fresh strawberries, oranges, plants, and cookies among other things. Once all the purchases have been made, the girls make a decision regarding eats and either hit up the street vendors or duck into a cafe. The area near Daejeon Station and Old-Downtown is not lacking in things to do, places to eat or pick up random accessories, so it is a much welcomed bi-weekly ritual.

BLT and Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich at The Mill.

If you've never been to an Asian Market, we at THT highly recommend the experience. In Daejeon, just make your way to Daejeon Station and take exit 1 into the traditional market area. Prices are amazingly low and you'll have plenty of opportunities to try this and that free of charge or obligation to purchase (for example the cookie man who happily lets the girls sample everything, everytime!)

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