Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fine Dining in Daejeon: Ali Baba's Treasure


Perhaps a year ago Melissa made her way to Ali Baba's Treasure and was not impressed to the point of posting. However, a new cook and a few new menu items/recipes and Ali Baba's has now found itself a place here on The Harrington Times.

Offering a weekend special for 12,000 won, Ali Baba's lured the Harrington's in with the offer of salad, soup, falafel and lemon pepper chicken. The salad dressing reminded the couple of a salted lemon dressing they enjoyed while traveling in Guatemala and the falafel was pure joy! The soup was a bit salty compared to the non-salt-added foods the Harrington's typically consume, but delicious nonetheless. Only problem with the lemon pepper chicken is that there was such an abundance after having already chowed down on the deliciousness, fortunately, the Mr. can pack things in so he made sure to get the full value of the night out.

Getting There: Situated on the second floor of a building in Gung-dong if you can find Santa Claus or Shisha House you're just a few doors away from entering Ali Baba's Treasure.

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