Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fine Dining in Daejeon: Taco K

Coming to South Korea the Harrington's prepared themselves for a loss of all things Mexican food, particularly Mexican food prepared in a restaurant. Considering Melissa's love of cooking, this wasn't all to unfortunate but a little disappointing nonetheless. However, thanks to a superb Co-Teacher, Mike Harrington was able to get the low-down on a 'Mexico Restaurant' that opened here in Dajeon, South Korea this June. Soon as the couple had a decent bit of directions to go on, they made their way to their favorite neighborhood near Chungnam University and stumbled upon Taco-K.

As is true of most foods non-Korean on the peninsula, the Mexican food is bit more pricey than one would desire. However, the atmosphere is pleasant and complete with two nearly complete Mexican flags painted on the walls and Spanish music playing in the background. Rather than the typical kimchi side-dishes guests are offered a small bowl of chips and a choice of dipping sauces as well as a small cup of sweet pickles. As for the meals, they aren't what we would have received at either Corona Village or El Zarape back in Laramie, Wyoming, but for a change of pace and a different type of 'spice' the meal was just right.

Mike opted for the beef burrito which is shown in the accompanying photos. Melissa on the other hand ordered chicken enchiladas which the couple agreed was the most like Mexican food back home -- plus offered a significant bite. When Mike's co-teacher ate at Taco-K she opted for the quesadilla which did look fully appetizing. The final verdict: for those who find themselves in Deajeon for an extended period of time and would like a change of pace - check out Taco-K. For those still residing in the USA, go out and eat at your favorite Mexican restuarant on our behalf. For those residing in Laramie or passing through, eat at El Zarape, their burritos and home-made tortillas are quite possibly the best Laramie has to offer!

Getting There: The restaurant is in front of the 한빛 apartments. Buses 105 and 109 stop right at the edge of the apartments. Begin walking away from the University (not sure on direction, perhaps Mike will assisst me here) down the road directly in front of the apartment buildings. About 3-5 minutes walking you'll see a bright yellow sign that says: Taco-K Mexico Restaurant - Congratulations, you've made it!
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