Monday, October 17, 2011

Fine Dining in Daejeon: Proper Chinese Cuisine


If you've been in South Korea long it's likely you've discovered that Chinese restaurants abound, however the cuisine is not always what you had hoped. It remains a challenge for the American citizen in Korea to track down sesame chicken, General Tso's chicken and other such dishes as may be familiar to the Chinese restaurants of the west. However, those wishing to dine on something a bit more authentically Chinese and a whole lot less Black Bean Sauce over Noodles, may want to head on down over to Gung-dong and check out a Proper Chinese Restaurant (of which the Harrington's do not know the name). However, the restuarant can be found
near Santa Claus, down a little street on past the Sun-Mart. The outside of the shop displays a number of foodie photos, you'll know you've got the right place if none of these pictures resemble the black beans your accustomed to from Korean-Chinese restaruants.

Further confirmation will be yours when you enter the restaurant and hear the sing-songy-tonal-wonder that is the Chinese language, see a freezer of Chinese goods, cooler with Chinese beers and other such proper Chinese products. Of particular note in this little joint is the fried lamb and fried chicken with peanuts (both are pictured above in hopes to assist you in pointing to the correct dish on the menu upon arrival at the restaruant). Most dishes range from about 8,000-10,000 won, rice is recommended with the fried dish and a bottle of Harbin makes it go down with that much more joy and pleasure.

Many thanks to the Harrington's good friend Paul for first recommending this fine dining experience!

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