Monday, January 9, 2012

Fine Dining in Daejeon: The New Taj Mahal

In the past we've written about finding the best Mexican food in Daejeon and then our increasing joy as not only one, but two more Mexican restaurants moved onto the scene.  However, we never blogged about Daejeon's infamous Indian restaurant Indy because it was never a secret, it was one of the first places we ate upon arrival and frankly, it's genearlly more expensive than we're willing to pay on a regular enough basis to return and take pictures (maybe someday, although now, Indy must compete with The New Taj Mahal)

But just like an increase in Mexican food got the Harrington's all worked up into a frenzy of excitement, now Daejeon's gone and added two more Indian restaurants to the scene. One, Bukhara, located at City Hall station is rumoured to be equally or more expensive than Indy, so likely won't see the Harrington's any time soon, especially because The New Taj Mahal is absolutely phenomenal!

An exceptionally wide variety of curries, including vegetarian, Indian BBQ, Nan and Masala Chai tea at the half the  price of Indy or what rumors claim are Bukhara's prices lead the Harrington's to vote The New Taj Mahal in Gung-dong the number one choice for fulfilling your Indian delicay cravings.

In an attempt to try as much as possible in their first visit, the Harrington's and their entertaining and dear friend Paul shared a Family set for 30,000 won ($30).  The set included a sample of tandoori chicken, butter chicken, rice, nan, three curries, and two Masala chai teas.  For the three mouths, it was plenty! (Well, with an added nan, a roti and a third cup of Masala).  Friends of the Harrington's who have dined at The New Taj Mahal have had equally agreeable evaluations of the food and prices, definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something a little less fermented in the Land of Kimchi.

Getting There: Gung-dong is the place to go! If you can find Santa Claus, Shisha House, Ali-Baba's Treasure or the Proper Chinese Restaurant, you are not far from the New Taj Mahal. Follow your nose and you're sure to find the basement restaurant calling you forth to a meal of deliciousness. Look for buses that head to Chungnam University of Hanbit Apartments, some that we know run in that genearl area include: 102, 105, 106, 113, 119 (but there are definitely many more!)


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