Monday, November 3, 2008

Lessons and Stories from the Couch: October '08

October proved yet another exciting month of couchsurfing for Mr. and Mrs. Harrington. Not only was the Harrington Family blessed to meet and greet new friends, but they also had the privilege of welcoming family into their home and onto their couch.

Friday October 3 and Tuesday October 7: Tom Harrington (Father of Mike Harrington)

"Thanks so much for the hospitality!! The salvaged salmon surprise was wonderful, the 'settlers' humbling and the time spent with both of you priceless. It is a joy to see you two together and sharing your values and discoveries. Together you are better than each separate one! Continue on in your journey with love, understanding, and always together."

Friday October 3 and Tuesday October 7: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • Goat cheese is pretty amazing!

  • Family ties are a beautiful thing - there is always love to receive from a Father

  • Teriyaki marinade + Salmon Fillets + Blackberry Preserves = One DELICIOUS dinner!

Sunday October 12: Maryanne and Helen (Sisters Extraordinaire)


"Other things we'd like to Mention:

1 - The bathroom scale is really cool! (I want to weigh myself.)

2- We'd like to be honorary sorority sisters! (Sorry Mike-no boys allowed.)

3- The totem pole in the living room is also really fascinating. We'd borrow it and take pictures with it in neat places if it were smaller.

4-As the sole Wyoming natives we've met, you guys are #1 and #2 BEST! (You vote on who is which...) (this may be a trick!)

5- Anyone who likes Harry Potter is "a-okay" by us!


Sunday October 12: Mike and Melissa

What we learned (and enjoyed):

  • An Obama bumper sticker was surprisingly welcomed in Lusk, WY

  • 'Maryanne and Helen are America (and you can too)' - That's their Blogspot and basically our inspiration to do a good "across America road trip".

  • Animal hides are not for everyone.

  • A little blue VW bug is NOT a buffalo's best friend!

Tuesday October 14: David from Northern Ireland

"I really enjoyed your warm hospitality, friendly welcome and a good chin wag. The elk and mashed toties rocked, I loved a good home cooked meal, and I'll look at elk in a different way now, thinking 'I know how you taste mister!'...You're very welcome to come stay on my Irish Potato farm and experience delicious roast potatoes and some of mum's home cooking, if you make it across the pond anytime."

Tuesday October 14: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • Around the World Tickets!!! They exist. They save you money. They help you travel around the world!!!

  • We will definitely enjoy South Africa when we make it there.

  • Nothing beats meat and potatoes for dinner!

Sunday October 19: Harland and Brenda Allen

"Thank you for letting us sleep double in a twin bed. It was wonderful time meeting your journey group. Dad had a great time carving a pumpkin with Melissa. As always we enjoyed our conversations, laughter and time together."

Sunday October 19: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • Packing peanuts are worth a U-Haul

  • E-bay continues to be a booming business for the Allen family

  • Again - family ties are a beautiful thing!

Perhaps the most resounding theme for the month of October was the presence of family. From visiting with our own family members to spending time with a couple of sisters travelling across America, the Harrington's were encouraged by the love that family provides for one another. It is their hope that readers of The Harrington Times will find valuable time to spend with their families and friends as the weather cools and the holidays approach. Until the end of November - that's Lessons from the Couch.


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