Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking Back: Home Videos from South Africa - Part Two

Readers may remember the following articles:
Walking with the Wild Cats
One Stop, Two Great Escapes and
A Rainy Day Tour of the Cape Peninsula
The following videos capture a few moments from each of those articles as well as the Harrington's boat ride out to Seal Island near Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Video Coverage of the Andong Mask Festival

Here at the Harrington Times we know that our skill as writers far exceeds our skill as movie makers/movie editors. However, it is our desire to give you the fullest possible understanding of the Harrington's life in Korea. Therefore, we apologize if the videos seem a little long and a occassionally dry, our field crew will slowly attempt to learn better filming skills and editing techniques.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day at the Mask Dance Festival

On Saturday, September 25th the Harrington's, accompanied by another dear EPIK teacher made their way to Andong, South Korea to watch and partake of the Mask Dance Festival. The trio had slight difficulties in figuring out what bus they could take and whether or not they'd missed their best chance. After asking a ticket cashier the group discovered that they could in fact board a bus at the desired time of 8:15 am and would arrive in Andong approximately 2 and a half hours later.

Upon arrival the group used thier intuitive navigation skills as well as the large balloons and many other festival goers to determine where the festivities were taking place. As they entered the festival grounds they were amazed by the numerous tents offering all manner of goods from crunchy cinnamon pancakes, to pickled shrimps and kimchi, from puppets and masks to chrysamthemum tea. The tea of course caught Melissa Harrington's eye and tastebuds and was promptly purchased...well, as promptly as possible. The ladies selling the tea were adamant that Mrs. Harrington purchase the chrysamthemum because it was grown and harvested in the area whereas the other teas were not, therefore, the ladies would not tell Mrs. Harrington any thing about the other teas.

The festival also provided many hands on experiences. One could make a mask, learn a mask dance, make soap, sample many foods and drinks (apples, mushroom tea and ramen to name a few). One highlight however, was the station for children to blow bubbles. The bubbles were HUGE and the joy of the children was tangible as they screamed with great enthusiasm and blew giant bubbles. If the Harrington's could impart only one truth to their readers, it would be that Korean children are absolutely adorable!

The primary reason however for attending the Mask Dance Festival is of course to enjoy some of South Korea's cultural heritage in the form of traditional dances. Conviniently, the Festival Organizers provide descriptions of the dances on a large screen at the beginning of each dance, however the trio didn't notice this until near the end of the performances. Regardless, they enjoyed many shows, dances and stories of the Korean nation.

Having soaked up all the festivities they could handle, the trio meandered into the city of Andong to get a feel for this 'new' Korean community. Krystyna and Melissa wandered about while Mike sat and enjoyed some reading. While wandering, the girls were approached by a Korean man who offered them food from his dirt encrusted hand and gave each of them a kind of head caress -- a strange experience for the two which lead to them walking on and making their way into the Andong Market to take in the sights of fresh produce, pastries and a wide myriad of household items.

Getting There: The Harrington's went to Dongbu Bus Terminal via Bus 105 then purchased a ticket for Andong. A time table was available at the site: WorknPlay

When to Go: The Mask Dance Festival generally takes place at the end of September through the beginning of October. More information is available at: VisitKorea

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking Gubonsang Mountain

On Tuesday, September 21st the Harrington's accompanied three other EPIK teachers; Brad, Whitney and Krystyna on a Chuseok Vacation Hike. Krystyna kindly figured out which mountain would provide an easy, short hike as well as how to get there. The Harrington's were not disappointed.

Hiking in Korea is definitely an experience unlike hiking in Wyoming. When hiking in Wyoming one expects many switch-backs, a rugged trail and only a few other hikers to be present -- unless of course you're hiking in Yellowstone or the Tetons. Korea however is a country of efficiency, effieciency in ways the rest of the world has yet to embrace, one example of such efficiency is their tendency to hike or climb straight up the mountain. (The shortest distance from A to B is a straight line). Hence, many of Korea's mountains are equipped with steep staircases - just for an easy hike on Gubonsang Mountain the Harrington's walked up over 300 stairs, likely almost 300 stairs, not to mention the many steep inclines which were not outfitted with proper stairs.

Regardless, Korea's hiking provides a wide range of breathtaking views. From the minute and miniscule flowers and dragonflys to the cityscapes and mountainscapes seen from peaks, hiking will surely become an activity the Harrington's seek out more regularly. As would any of our readers, considering the many quarks and perks of hiking in this nation. Some examples? Often while hiking (or simply walking around town) one will walk by mini-calesthenic stations where you can lossen your muscles, get a bit of a stretch and even rest.

The hike, as advertised was only a few hours time committment and provided each of the hikers an enjoyable and productive way in which to spend the first day of their Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday.

Getting There: From Seodaejeon Station hop on bus 201 and ride until you go over the river then debark at the first stop. Head toward the mountainous area (sorry, not good with directions at this point). The trail head is just pass the wooden carvings as seen in the first photo of this post.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking Back: Home Videos from South Africa - Part One

Early in July, the Harrington's enjoyed a day of adventure with numerous wild animals from Cheetahs to Monkeys and Birds to Elephants. Readers may remember our articles -- Walking with the Wild Cats and One Stop, Two Great Escapes; the following home videos re-capture these two stories, we our readers will enjoy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking Back: Home Videos from Guatemala

At the end of June, the Harrington's had the honor of meeting their sponsor child, Doris and her family in Guatemala City, Guatemala. You can read the full account of that meeting here:
The Harrington's Get a Close Look at the Work of World Vision

Because the couple continued their travels after Guatemala it has taken us at The Harrington Times some time and patience to get access to these videos straight from the field, offering readers a deeper look into the summer experiences of Mike and Melissa Harrington. Keep you eyes here for the latest home videos and recent stories of the couples first month in South Korea.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating 3 Years of Togetherness

On September 7th, 2010 the Harrington's celebrated 3 happy years of marriage. The Harrington's like to say that for their 3rd Anniversary they decided a trip to Korea was in order. In truth, the day was what would become a routine day for the Harrington's in their new Korean life. The woke, showered and walked 20 minutes to work. Spent the day teaching adorable Korean children the English language, spent some time on facebook and lesson planning until 4:30 rolled around. With the end of the work day came the task of the week: acquiring a cell phone.

So, along with Mike's co-teacher, the Harrington's made their way to a couple of shops and after an hour and a half or so they each had a working cell phone that functions in English. Hungry and ready to celebrate their anniversary, the Harrington's hopped over to Indy, a popular Indian restaruarnt in Daejeon and sat down for some delicious Naan, Curries, Tea and Pomegranate Lassi. Following their amazingly delicious meal the couple returned home to enjoy a bottle of wine and some 'fancy' cheese under the Wyoming flag in their living/dining room in South Korea.

Here's to another wonderful year of togetherness!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Fieldtrip for Guest English Teachers

The first weekend in South Korea had a few hundred EPIK English Teachers loading into buses and catching some sights near Jeonju, South Korea. For the Harrington's and about half the new teachers, the fieldtrip began with a temple located on a mountain affording the many visitors their first good view of Korea's impressive mountains and greenery. Many English teachers explored the temples and grounds while others continued to meet new friends and converse about expectations, reason for choosing Korea and previous travel experiences.

From the temples, the group made thier way down to the river where it is common to wade, swim and just be. Numerous Koreans were soon joined by numerous foreigners - fully clothed and enjoying the cool water on a rather hot and humid day.From the temple, the group of teachers made their way toward the traditional Hanok Villiage where the first order of business would be to sample the infamous Korean dish of bibimbap - a base of rice and accompanied by a wide variety of vegetables and topped of with an egg. The table is set with a number of side dishes from kimchi to peppers and many unknown items inbetween. The dish tends be a favorite of foreginers and did not disappoint the hungry crowd.

The day continued with a number of activities including: making fans, trying soju, exploring the streets and viewing the traditional architecture of South Korea, sampling some traditional teas (from persimmon tea to pine needle tea) and topped off with an entertaining traditional performance of dancing, drumming and eventually the joining in of most the English teachers.

The Place for Superstars: Jeonju University

Upon arriving in South Korea the Harrington's as well as a crew of other Westerners were loaded onto a bus to continue their 12 hours of travel for an additional 3 and a half hours. The Harrington's struck up a few conversations with potential Daejeon friends before drifting in and out of sleep. The crew of new EPIK teachers finally reached their destination of Jeonju University where some paperwork was cared for and they were given room assignments. Mike and Melissa Harrington wasted no time in getting into their room, setting up their beds and entering sleep...however, they did take time to look into their gift bags and feel genuinely welcomed by EPIK (English Program in Korea) as well as the entire nation of South Korea The following morning the Harrington's had a chance to check email and make a couple calls back home. These emails and calls unfortunately brought with them the sad news of a loss in Melissa Harrington's family. While the Harrington's were in transit, Melissa's Grandpa Al passed away -- potentially escorting the Harrington's on this new journey. With the love and support of her husband, strength and encouragement from family back home Melissa was able to enter the week of training with confidence that she and her husband were where they were meant to be and that Grandpa Al would now be serving as their guardian angel.

The week commenced with an impressive showing of Korean cultural performances, delicious foods and the acquiring of new friends.

The week continued with a number of helpful and informative lectures of which only a few managed to bore the audiences - most proved surprisingly engaging and entertaining. The Harrington's felt encouraged, inspired and at times overwhelmed with the responsibility and privelege of teaching South Korean children our native language. As the week drew to an end, the Harrington's and other EPIK teachers grew anxious to meet their co-teachers, see their schools and begin applying all they had learned to the upcoming year.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Countdown To Korea -- 4 Days in San Fran, CA

As readers know, the Harrington's spent more than four days in the San Francisco Bay area, however the last four held a few highlights and a special visit from some Laramie friends. Had it not been for these friends, the Heimbuck's, Mike and Melissa Harrington likely would have stayed inside, caught up on their blogging and played an unprecedented amount of Bejeweled Blitz. Rather, the Heirmbucks, who weren't "over" traveling and exploring, led the Harrington's on the following adventures of which Mike Harrington captured some absolutely fabulous photos.
An afternoon in Japantown for the annual street festival. Complete with Sushi, Bubble Tea, Old Ladies Dancing up a Storm and Adorable Children.
A path often walked by the touring crew when returning to their home-for-the-week kindly lent by the Rigg-Hillard family.

Sea Lions of Pier 39

Melissa Harrington's most common travel interaction (second only to ordering tea) is purchasing a pair of earrings from a street vendor.
Near a famous book store and watering hole of the beatniks.
Taking time to stop and smell the roses in Golden Gate Park.
The other lovely couple which accompanied the Harrington's on their final "American" days: Karl and Kendra Heimbuck.
The Harrrington's last supper (American/Mexican supper). As in, the last time they'll have delicious and authentic Mexican food in a year as well as the last time they'll eat a supper in America in a year.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday August 8th - #2 and a Few Days After

Having spent their first Sunday the 8th in Japan the Harrington's found themselves also arriving in San Francisco on Sunday the 8th (crazy how time zones work). The second time around the Harrington's were surprisingly well adjusted and energized (much in part to their pleasant business class flight). Melissa's second cousing picked the couple up at the airport then took them to her home where she would become an outstanding, generous and welcoming host and hostess. Kevin and Jerri McVicker made sure the Harrington's were well fed, freshly showered, comfortable and a number of other kindnesses were extended throughout their stay as readers will soon come to see.

Shortly after arriving and having a quick sandwich Melissa Harrington and Jerri were off to Ross where Mrs. Harrington would spend some time picking out a few professional pieces for herself and the husband. These pieces will soon serve as the fabric of the Harrington's 'new life' teching in South Korea's Public Schools. The pieces were also put to use the following day when the couple made their way into the city for a visit to the Korean Consulate to apply for a work Visa. Much to everyones delight, the trip was quick and painless and allowed the trio to explore Chinatown, enjoy a lunch of DimSum, a tea tating and the many sights and sounds.

The couples days spent with Jerri continued in much the same relaxed and easy-flowing manner as they had begun. The couple enjoyed delicious Mexican dishes, burgers (even once from In-N-Out), glasses of Wine (wine-tasting), frozen yogurt, home-cooked meals and morning cups of tea. The Harrington's also enjoyed an afternoon walk in a gorgeous area of California even spotting a small herd of deer. As is true with all good things - the Harrington's time with Jerri and Kevin came to an end. Once again, the Harrington's packed up their belongings - old and new, and made their way back to the Korean Consulate for their Visas prior to being dropped off at the home of Mike's cousins' house where the would eat pizza, track down a key and finally enter since his counsins were on an adventure of their own!

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Hours in Japan

The Harrington's had the good (or bad - depending on how you look at it) fortune of a long layover in Osaka, Japan. Excited for the opportunity to get a small taste of one more Asian nation, the couple ventured a ways out from the airport and enjoyed the quaint, quiet streets of Japan on a Sunday afternoon. First things first, the Harrington's made their way to what appeared to be a cafe. Needing some breakfast yet having absolutely zero Japanese language skills, the couple took a seat, smiled, pointed and whatdoyaknow - breakfast arrived. However, breakfast wasn't necessarily what they imagine breakfast to be, a small hot dog on a roll, eggs, and potato salad sat on Mike's plate while Melissa had much the same minus the hotdog, replaced with toast. The couple enjoyed breakfast as well as the many well-meaning Japanese women who wanted to have long and fast conversations with this clearly foreign and nod, then walk out the door.

Not having too much information on the area, the Harrington's made their way along the streets hoping to run into a castle they had seen marked on their map. As the approached the moat they were delighted by a couple joyful Japanese children catching cicadas - a lot of ruckus as well as entertainment.

The couple then toured a castle enjoying the sights of the city and seeing some traditional armor and swords. From castle tours to shopping malls the Harrington's were on a mission to find some sushi or some ice cream. Ice cream won and the Harrington's sat for a few moments enjoying their ice cream cones rather than discovering why there was a large grill as the center of the table they were seated at. With an upcoming flight it was time for the Harrington's to make their way back to the airport.
Returning to the airport proved a bit of an adventure as all ATM's rejected the Harrington's debit card and banks and money exchanges were closed. A few prayers later and the kindness of a Japanese stranger had their American money exchanged and their bodies boarding a train airport-bound. Good fortune continued following the Harrington's when they volunteered to give up their seat on their United Flight. Simply by volunteering they were given a pass to enjoy the Airport Lounge (complimentary wi-fi, drinks, snacks and gifts!) When asking further questions about their need to stay behind the Harrington's discovered that not all passengers had arrived on time and because they had so kindly volunteered to stay behind, they could now enjoy Business Class seats for their upcoming 12 hour flight -- not a bad deal!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visiting a World Heritage Site: Penang Island, Malaysia

Penang Island off the peninsular Malaysia is a piece of land filled with great history and rich experiences. The Island served as an early mixing pot for various cultures and peoples as the Spice Trade and other trade routes were established. Just two days walking the streets of Georgetown, the Harrington's were able to identify influences of: the United Kingdom, China, India, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists. Buildings showcased a wide variety of architecture, many places of worship had been established and the food (oh! the food! so Amazing, it will earn it's own article) was delicious and of many influences.
For the Harrington's one day was filled with checking out the sights and flavors of Penang while the following was focused on getting from Penang Island to Kuala Lumput in order to catch a flight and begin a long trek back to the USA to apply for work visas. Their day of exploration led them first to a lovely old Christian Cemetary where they enjoyed reading the headstones, standing under the shade of large trees and taking a few photos. With no particular place to go, the Harrington's continued on their way stopping for water and Coke at a large park near the Beach and an old Fort. Enjoying the opportunity to watch Malaysian children play in the park as well as a group of young boys playing with tops (and managing some AMAZING tricks) - Mike and Melissa Harrington eventually made thier way into the grounds of the old Fort Cornwallis. Mike read signs and learned some details about the area whereas Melissa simply looked around and took a few photos.

While in Georgetown, Penang the couple also enjoyed a couple movie outings: Inception and Salt. Even when in a foreign and exciting land - a good dose of your native language and air-conditioning on a hot evening is a welcome luxury.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fame, Fortune and a Touch of Pure Thailand

If the Harrington's have learned anything of great value throughout their travels it is this: If Lonely Planet gives a destination about one or less pages of information - it will be worth the time and effort to go there. For the Harrington's Songkhla, Thailand was just the spot to stop over for a day, experience a less 'popular' southern region of Thailand and create some of their most fond Thai Memories - much as they had in the northern city of Lampang.

With just over a day to explore the Harrington's began by setting up shop in the Romantic Guesthouse where they would enjoy sleeping in a bed that seemed as though it were stuffed with newspapers but was under the management of a few extremely sweet Thai women. With their belongings stowed away, it was time to explore and discover. Stomachs growling the couple made their way to a market, saw some food that look tasty, pointed and smiled then sat down with their extremely cheap and delicious meal. Leaving the market, the two opted to purchase some lychee. The price read 20 Baht (the equivelent of about 60 cents) however the couple didn't know what they would get for 20 Baht --they soon discovered, a mere 20 Baht could purchase 1 kg of fresh spiky pink and green lychee fruit.

Lychee in hand, the Harrington's made their way toward the beach and experimented with various ways to eat their recent fruit purchase. They opted for peeling, sticking the whole thing in the mouth, then removing the pit. The afternoon brought the Harrington's to Songkhla's famous Mermaid Statue where they took some shots and were even asked by some Malaysian tourists to pose in a picture with them -- sure, why not!?!
Following the Mermaid adventure and few minutes of fame on the beach the Harrington's decided a day at the Aquarium was just what they needed. Upon arrival, they discovered tickets for foreigners were 3X the price as for locals, however, considering that made tickets a mere $9 they went for it. At the Aquarium, they enjoyed watching the feeding show where Manta Rays and small Sharks did "tricks" for bits of fish. The rest of the time was passed 'finding nemo' and any other fish friends. And, as one would expect, the Harrington's again were recognized for their dashingly good and famous looks and asked to pose in yet another photo.

With two out of a half-dozen of Songkhla's top attractions checked off the list, it was now time for the Harrington's to make their way to the Dragon's Head Statue. The tail and body of this Dragon are spread throughout the city, however the head is the most fascinating and enjoyable to photograph. The day finally began to cool and the Harrington's slowly made their way back to their Guesthouse making a few stops to watch various people play soccer and a group of students practice a special song and dance number. Their only regret was not having more time to spend in Songkhla.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Vacation Highlight in Lampang, Thailand

Prior to their arrival in Chiang Mai, the Harrington's had a pleasant, one day stop over in Lampang, Thailand. The city exuded a perfectly quaint, undiscovered Thai vibe that the Harrington's enjoyed immensely and were discouraged they had only one day in this lovely city.

The day of their arrival and departure, turned out to be a holiday. Therefore many businesses were closed down but many students were out and about in a park and provided the Harrington couple some of their fondest Thai Memories. Wondering about the city, the couple spotted numerous groups of school-aged children practicing various dances in a city park. Hot and sticky, the couple sat in the shade and enjoyed watching the many performances and practices.

For any readers who would like a small taste of the couples experience, simply watch this popular K-Pop (that's Korean Pop) music video - this was one of the songs the students were practicing and performing to. Not to mention, the type of music the Harrington's now get to enjoy on a fairly regular basis living in the Republic of Korea\
Aside from the entertainment, the Harrington's were also excited to be approaced by a group of young Thai girls eager to practice thier English. Being a group of girls they were more inclined to talk with Melissa and offered many suggestions for what to do in the area as well as offer Fish-Flavored Taro snacks that weren't as bad as they may sound. The moment was purely Asian and left the couple with warm feelings towards their soon-to-be Asian life.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

25th Annual King's Cup: Sepak Takraw

One of the Harrington's favorite days in Chiang Mai was a day spent at the 25th Annual King's Cup: Sepak Takraw Tournament. Sepak Takraw is also known as Thai Football and probably by a few other names throughout Asia. Regardless of what you call it, the sport is absolutely impressive. Matches seem to combine the grace and fluidity of dance, the flexibility and ease of martial arts and the concept of volleyball plus soccer.

Each team consists of three players. One serves the small woven synthetic (traditionally bamboo) ball over the net where a series of blocks, passes and an eventual flip kick send the ball to the other side. For an entire day the Harrington's sat in amazement and admiration at the athleticism of these men and women who so impressively play Sepak Takraw.

Japanese Mens' Team going up for the block

Flip Kicks!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chiang Mai Adventure Day

Assuming they ought to do at least one thing that tourists normally do while in Northern Thailand, the Harrington's found themselves signing up for a Chiang Mai Adventure Program. A one-day event that would include visiting an Orchid Farm, riding an Elephant, hiking to a waterfall, 'white-water' rafting and concluding with a small tour into a more traditionally styled village of Northern Thailand. Waking up on Adventure Day the Harrington's could hear the constant falling of monsoon rains outside their windows. The two put on "water-resistant" clothing and waited to see if they day would in fact continue as they had planned. Considering the frequency of rain in a nation such as Thailand, the Harrington's were not surprised to find out that, indeed, they would continue with the day as planned.

So, with six other adventursome souls, the Harrington's loaded into a red tuk-tuk and made a quick stop at an Orchid Farm which allowed for some beautiful sights and a bit of inspiration. Following the orchids, the Adventure crew was taken a little ways into the jungle where they were introduced to their large gray mammal friends, the elephants. Having spent some time with elephants in Africa, Mike and Melissa Harrington were not sure how to interpret the conditions under which these elephants were kept. Heavy chains held the elephants to trees and weighed heavily around their necks, the couple know that elephants have thick skin, but felt slightly unsure about climbing on board. Nonetheless, they hopped on and enjoyed or, shall we say experienced a VERY wet ride atop an elephant on some very slippery jungle slopes. The jungle views were amazing and provided the Harrington's much visual enjoyment.

Following the elephant ride, all adventuresome souls sat down for a filling dish of fried rice before continuing up (or down) the road for an enjoyable early afternoon hike. The trail was nothing short of sopping wet and a little slick complete with thin Bamboo bridges, but the sights along the way and the waterfall at the end were most enjoyable. Having now seen water falling and a small stream, it was time for the adventurers to try out their hand at white water (or more accurately, brown water) rafting. Slightly nervous and unsure of their actual rafting capabilities the Harrington's loaded into a raft with two girls from the Netherlands and a Thai river guide and enjoyed a small bit of rafting through some of the lucious and beautiful Thai Jungle.

As the day came to an end, the group was about adventured out so they were taken to a nearby village which was meant to showcase the traditional style of living in Korea. Unfortunately, this part of the tour felt mostly like an uncomfortable entrance to peoples lives whose stories we could not hear and whose daily routine we could not comprehend. A few ladies, dressed traditionally tried selling the group of foreigners their various goods before we all parted and ended our day of adventure. Overall, the Harrington's would describe the day as, worth the experience, however not necessary to repeat anytime soon.

Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Home for a Week

Thanks to the extreme kindness and hospitality of a CouchSurfing couple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mike and Melissa Harrington enjoyed a full week exploring this northern Thai city.
When in Thailand, particularly during the summer months which are best described as hot and sticky, much like a sauna; a typical day should consist of visiting one or two Wats (temples), drinking a minimum of two Thai Teas, finding a restaurant with air conditioning and Chicken Pad Thai or Bananas in Coconut Milk and chowing down on any random fruits you can manage (except of course Durian). This, anyway, is the way the Harrington's chose to live out life most days in Thailand.

Having spent so many days "in flight" and "in transit" throughout the summer the days the couple was eager to take the days slowly. Everyday had only one or two big items on the agenda accompanied always by the drinking of many cold beverages, most often Thai Tea. After the jam packed schedule of South Africa and the constant harassing of Bangkok Scammers, the couple welcomed these days of 'livin' easy' with open arms.
A few highlights from this week in Chiang Mai that can't quite fill an entire article include:
  • Being asked if they were German. The couple is unsure what kind of reputation the Germans have as travelers, but are pretty sure it's better than the repuation of American travelers.
  • Purchasing artwork from a street vendor who was eager to practice her English and recommend a Wat to visit.
  • Looking out on Chiang Mai from the cities most popular Wat Don Suthup.
  • Drinking Thai Tea daily
  • Recieving Thai Massages at a spa that hires women from the local Women's Prison so that they can look forward to a life of dignity rather than landing back in prison.
  • Discovering the perfect deliciousness of Bananas in Coconut Milk.
  • Sleeping in an airconditioned room free of charge every night.
  • Sunday Walking Street and the variety of vendors and goods being sold.


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