Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Place for Rest and Gambles

After exploring Beartree Park and wanting to refresh their hearts and minds just a touch more before the reality of Thursday and the work week returning set in, the Harrington's and the Kim's made their way to Hyunhee's father's farm

Set back off of the country roads and on the edge of a mountain nestled between rice paddies and a young fruit orchard, this simple 'farm-house' is similar in concept to Cabins or Cottages - a second home of sorts that allows one to soak in all that is beautiful and peaceful on the weekends and holidays while the city maintains it's hold on you for the rest of the days of the year.
The Harrington's were amazed by the views and the solitude of the place and quickly took to soaking it all in and meeting the farm pups (two Jindo's and one Shepard of sorts).

Not wanting to be too idle (at least, Hyunhee, Hakcheol and Mike didn't want to be too idle), the afternoon included a few hours of Mike learning to play Go-Stop, a popular Korean game which can be associated with gambling, although gambling is technically illegal on the Peninsula (except for foreigners who are allowed to enter the Casino's located in Seoul ^^ and except for rebellious folks like us who play Go-Stop...)
It was the perfect way to begin wrapping up a mid-week holiday, leaving all four vacationers feeling rested and ready to finish out the week as well as hopeful that future opportunities would arise for this type of rest and game playing.

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