Thursday, May 2, 2013

Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner Tradition: 2013

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As per Valentine Tradition (which, THT realizes has long passed), the Harrington duo opted to stay in and prepare a classy dinner together. Maintaining their comfort by wearing pajamas, the couple spent the evening putting together various appetizers and enjoying them in shifts while taking in a couple of movies, such as I Hate Valentine's Day.

While going out for fancy, romantic dinners or receiving flowers and chocolates may be the desire of some on the 14th of February, the Harrington's are always quite satisfied to stay home and simply be together, relaxed and focused on their love, respect and appreciation for one another.

Obviously, the most important thing for the Harrington duo on these nights is the menu, in 2013 the Valentine Menu centered around Appetizers which included: a favorite combination of Brie and Apples served on a Baguette; a fresh, slightly tangy Feta Stuffed Cherry Pepper; a never-fails to be delicious combination of Feta Stuffed Figs wrapped in Bacon; ridiculously delicious and fancy-looking Pancetta wrapped Asparagus wrapped in Puff Pastry; and a dish that became lunch Avocado Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette - lots of bacon, lots of cheese and lots of delicious-ness for a singular evening!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Pup Moments: Winter 2013

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The winter with the pup has been a lot of couch cuddling and reading, dog-sitting and attempting to make Lady Annyeong become friendly toward other dogs, road-trips, family time including hanging out and attempting to share space with all the family dogs and even watching Lady get a bit active with some dog toys, which is not at all normal for this sassy pup.

After her initial distaste for Wyoming winters, she's come around and now happily makes her way into the bitter cold for her morning and afternoon walks, but don't let that fool you into thinking she LOVES winter, she just tolerates it and would always choose to curl up in a sunny spot on the carpet rather than expose herself to the elements for a long period of time.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Brew Tour: Neptune's Brewer of Livingston, MT

After stopping at Fat Jack's Tap Room and continuing forth on their journey to Gardiner, MT to meet with their friend, the Harringtons stopped in at the Thai eatery, sailor-themed Neptune's Brewery in Livingston, MT. 

Unfortunately, the couple arrived a little later than desirable, had only about half an hour to sample a few brews (likely something hoppy for the man and something dark for the lady) before the each drank a half pint of super strong Mead Ale and bought a growler to share with friends in Gardiner.

Brew Tour: Fat Jack's of Laurel, Montana

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Continuing forth with the Brew Tour and once again in route to see a dear Korean friend, the Harrington duo was thrilled to stop in at Fat Jack's Tap Room in Laurel, MT.

Set up to allow numerous home brewers in the region to develop recipes and brew them in professional equipment, Fat Jack's provided a wide array of brews and a great atmosphere in which to grab a drink. Friendly staff was eager to share some pulled-pork with the duo and a few others at the bar and had tangible love for their own brews as well as beer in general.

In a process of research, as all of the brew trips have honestly been in anticipation of opening The Burlington Place, the Harringtons picked up the idea to involve local home brewers and are looking forward to see what kind of participation they may drag forth out of the Big Horn Basin!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Favorite Winter Moments: 2013

Some days, the temperature drops too low, some days the snow falls and is purely inviting.

Regardless, winter always provides some cherish-able moments.

From playful pups to women's basketball.

Snowy city-scapes to cuddling up with a good book and sweet pup, winter is never that bad.

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 photo IMG_20130227_143523.jpg
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 photo IMG_20130227_195220.jpg photo IMG_20130227_195210.jpg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dreaming about Burlington: The Harrington's Next Big Thing

It all started mid-November. With a phone call:
A proclamation. A bar for sale. In the Big Horn Basin. Fair price. Just thought you'd like to know.

Google and Mike's own knowledge of the basin soon revealed that Burlington was a town of 300 people, primarily LDS (Latter-Day Saints/Mormon). But owning a bar. Could be worth it.

Mike and Melissa mulled it over, without too much direction. However things progressed and continue to do so, and here is the timeline of important events:
Mid-November 2012: The fateful call from Tom Harrington making the couple aware of the possibility.

Thanksgiving 2012: Offhanded remark to Harland and Brenda that the couple was considering, to some degree this new opportunity but really had no idea. Followed by enthusiasm and support from the Allen's claiming the success of others who had taken on similar opportunities and suggesting pizza as the food to be lovingly prepared and served. 

December 2nd, 2012: A trip to Burlington, Wyoming to enter and view the Burlington Bar, to begin thinking through the true potential and desire. To view Burlington as a potential home, a place to settle and a place to pursue a dream.

December 2012: Research and dreaming. Thinking and talking. Discovering and learning.

December 27th, 2012: The preparation of a proposal to purchase the Burlington Bar in 90 days, after receiving financing.

December 28th, 2012: Offer accepted.

January 2013: Planning and developing. Working on a business plan. Acquiring LLC (limited liability corporation) status. Mastering pizza, dreaming up recipes and names. Requesting help from friends and their expertise of graphic design.

Early February 2013: Polish the business plan, begin conversations with loan officer, health inspector, town of Burlington employees, etc.

Eve of February 19, 2013: Submit business plan to loan representative, wait with fingers-crossed.

Month of March 2013: Waiting. Praying. Pizza-making. Home-brewing. Emails with loan officers, parents, insurance agents, realtors, etc.

Spring Break 2013: Inventory products left at the bar, show it off to friends and family, create bank accounts, choose paint colors, start opening up about future plans.

March 22, 2013: Close on the bar. Keys and business in hand.

Friday, March 22, 2013

An Early Week Snowshoe Outing

Occasionally, it's easy to feel too lazy, too stuck-at-home, too sheltered, too stuck-in-a-basement, too eager to get out and do something!

The Harrington life has been busy with lots of road-trips and the tackling of a few other big projects, leaving the entire family (three-legged member included) anxious to get out of the house!

 photo IMG_20130211_160311.jpg

And that's exactly what they did on a Monday afternoon. They left work. Loaded up the car. Strapped on some snow-shoes and set out about exploring their favorite state and watching their sweet pup tackle the mounds of snow as if she were born to be buried in snow.

 photo IMG_20130211_155713.jpg

 photo IMG_20130211_155901.jpg
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