Monday, April 30, 2012

Fine Dining in Daejeon: Machera Well-Being

In Laramie, Wyoming one of the Harrington's all-time favorite restaurant is a place by the name of Sweet Melissa's. Now, aside from the fabulous name choice, the restaurant has a phenomenal all-vegetarian menu. And while our readers may be well aware that the man Harrington in particular has a deep love for meat and that Melissa gets her share too, the truth is they know the value of a good vegetarian meal. In fact, most of their home cooking is more aligned to that of a vegetarian than a raging carnivore.

Regardless of the Harrington's personal food choices, suffice it to say, the couple is always on the look out for restaurants that have foreigner appeal and a vegetarian restaurant is most definitely appealing to the vegetarian tourists or expats in South Korea who quickly discover that if there's no meat in the dish, there's likely to be fish sauce and if there's no fish sauce, there's likely to be meat.

So with an understanding that vegetarian meals are a) good for the soul and b) hard to come by in South Korea, the Harrington duo made their way out to Machera Well-Being a vegetarian buffet at the end of the Subway Line, Banseok Station.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five Years Ago:Of Dating and the L-Word

Since their first date a couple months back in mid-February, the Harrington duo as we now know them would have spent the past few months dating and awkwardly letting their friends and family know that they were in a serious relationship. As many may know, Mike and Melissa had a relatively quick dating era since they'd previously worked together at a summer camp and traveled in a third world nation together, they figured they more or less understood the others strengths and weaknesses and general character. Not to mention, Melissa's gut instinct had kicked in and convinced her that Mike Harrington would become the man of her life and sweep her off to far away lands...such as South Korea.

But, before all of that played out, dating progressed. And typical to the dating scene, M'n'M spent many nights watching movies, grabbing bites to eat or simply studying across from one another. However, a few dating moments (or more accurately, moments from the months of dating) stand out and bring forth warm and pleasant memories of days long ago.

Early in the dating lives of M'n'M the couple made their way to Ten Sleep, WY for a Cabin Spring Break Extravaganza. Beginning with a stop over in Wheatland, WY to celebrate Easter with Melissa's parents, grandparents and three of many-soon-to-be-cabin- spring-break friends (Caylee, Jordan and Andrew), the day included receiving stuffed bunnies from Melissa's grandma and hiding plastic Easter eggs for grandparents to find.

With the holiday celebration concluded, M'n'M and friends continued onward to the Harrington Cabin which lies just 5 miles outside of Ten Sleep, WY (home of the great, Nowoodstock Festival). For the week that followed, M'n'M enjoyed the company of various friends coming and going, home cooked meals, snowshoeing adventures, dumpster diving behind thrift stores and plate-licking good Pi Phi (grasshopper pie). If M'n'M weren't sure of their feelings for each other before this March 2007 Spring Break outing, then by the end of the break they were well convinced that not only did they fancy one another's company, but they found that the potential in-laws were equally agreeable individuals.

Photobucket As the spring semester of 2007 progressed, M'n'M's love began to blossom as things in the spring do. Between study and movie dates at Mike's shared apartment with his sister Katie and

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stories from the Couch: Meet-ups and Cherry Blossoms

For months upon months, the Harrington's went without any CouchSurfing experiences except those they semi-orchestrated in Vietnam, but hosting opportunities were beginning to look like a thing of the past.  However, with the arrival of Tugca and Onur, the Harrington's received additional CouchRequests and were surprised at having to consider turning down a request just to ensure they had enough time to clean their home and enjoy each other's company. Fortunately, turning down a request doesn't always mean you don't get to experience CouchSurfing, it more accurately means you don't have to clean your home.  A recent request (which in truth the Harrington's didn't even have an opportunity to turn down since another lovely CouchSurfing couple beat them to the acceptance part of the CouchRequest) turned into a meet-up that introduced a pleasant set of CouchSurfers under the softly lit Cherry Blossoms of Chungnam University.

Monday, April 23, 2012

PSA's and Pictures of Lady: Second Edition


Semi-recently, Lady enjoyed a 10k walk-a-thon after being kicked out of O World's Flower Land. She is constantly receiving the attention of all who are in her presence although she'd just as rather be sniffing trees and scavenging for food bits than have people admire her for her strength and courage at only 3.5 legs.

In other news, there is never a lack of things to do on the Peninsula and with the warmer weather, why not get out of Daejeon and check out some of the upcoming events throughout May and the Summer months?

One of Korea's biggest spring events is going to be the Expo 2012 in Yeosu. If you're interested in going, but don't know if you want to spend cash to get a ticket, check out Korea Tourism Organization's Contest and get a shot at winning FREE Tickets! Or, head to the main website and simply purchase tickets.

Expos are uninteresting, eh? Why not head to Seoul, May 31st - July 31st, and enjoy the Broadway Hit

The Longest Friday Ever

After an enjoyable few days hosting amazing CouchSurfers Tugca and Onur, Melissa awoke on the morning of Friday the 13th unprepared for the sheer length of the day that awaited her.

Typical Friday's pair Melissa with 5 classes of energetic and fantastic 4th grade students whom always require Melissa's greatest expenditure of energy and enthusiasm. Fortunately, they are a fine bunch and easily receive such treatment from their Native English Teacher.

However, on Friday the 13th, while things were not entirely frightening, the day did not end with 5 classes of 4th graders and allow Melissa Teacher opportunities to blog and waste time on Facebook as typical Friday afternoons do. Rather, Friday the 13th gave Melissa another 2 and a half hours of school-work obligations in the form of listening to and judging approximately 20 speeches. Working in a wealthier Daejeon neighborhood, students at Samcheon elementary were able to present speeches on a variety of topics with an impressive command of the English language. The afternoon was therefore spent listening to 5th and 6th grade students sharing their thoughts and proposed solutions for
 school bullying, environmental pollution and degradation and the unification of North and South Korea. Additionally, students spoke of their admiration for their grandparents,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Stories from the Couch: Ppuri Park and Other Things

Having enjoyed the first couple days of hosting and a night out on the town, the Harrington's and their guests were happy to awake on Wednesday morning and take things slow due to the national holiday, honoring the election. 

The day began with a fabulous Turkish style breakfast prepared by Onur. The dish was a simple yet extraordinary combination of onions, chilies, tomatoes, seasoning and eggs which was then scooped up onto a piece of bread before finding it's way to eager taste buds. With a hearty, happy start to the day, the crew cleaned up and packed up and prepared for an enjoyable outing to Daejeon's Ppuri Park.
Located in the southern parts of the city, Ppuri Park is perfectly situated between the river and a small hill. The park is significant in size and allows for guests to view various markers of historical Korean family names as well as take in a variety of foliage...when it has bloomed anyway. Additionally, the park showcases

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stories from the Couch: Batting and Beverages

Following Easter Dinner on the 8th of April, the Harrington's welcomed into their home a lovely CouchSurfing couple: Tugca and Onur. Tugca and Onur hail from the great nation of Turkey but are currently working on doctorate work in the field of astronomy in Northern Ireland. The couple made their way to South Korea after Tugca won a free ticket from Turkish Airlines. The two enjoyed nearly a week of living life in Daejeon and spent 4 of those days, 5 of those nights with the Harrington duo.

After a bit of a trial finding the Harrington's abode on Easter night, the couple finally arrived, dropped off their luggage and headed out to dinner with their previous hosts. Upon their return, Melissa and the couple chatted a little covering the basics of being CS guests in the Harrington home before everybody was off to dream sweet dreams of new friendships and insights only possible through

The following day, Tugca and Onur explored Daejeon's KASI observatory with a previous colleague while the Harrington's made their way to their respective schools.  A bit exhausted from all that Monday's entail, the crew opted to stay in on Monday evening taking time to get to know each other and their respective cultures over a bowl of Kimchi Chigae.

Fortunately, the following day left everyone more energetic and ready for a night out on the town, especially considering the mid-week holiday in lieu of Korea's National Election Day. So it was, on Tuesday night, the foursome met up with Aaron and made their way to a typical Korean restaurant to enjoy everything from kimbap to bibimbap, from mandu to sujaebe. Stuffed to the brim, the group then made their way to meet up with James at the Dunsan batting cages where Tugca, Onur and even Melissa made their first attempts at swinging a bat and even...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Dinner at 519 Galma: April 2012

Holiday's are a strange experience when living in a foreign country, no matter how hard one tries, the true spirit of the day cannot be fully captured without the company and traditions of home. Regardless, expats will continue to make every attempt possible to bring the holidays into their homes. For M'n'M that most frequently includes a more-elaborate-than-normal dinner with dessert and either a home full of guests or a few special and near by friends-who-are-now-family.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Eats in Daejeon: Snow Spoon


If you're looking for a nice, cool way to top off a meal or kill some time before meeting up with friends at Daejeon Cantina or Yellow Taxi, why not situate yourself across from the TimeWorld LeeChard Pro Hair that looks like a tooth (you know the building) and enter the wonderful land that is SnowSpoon?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PSA's and Pictures of Lady: First Edition


Lady is indeed the most precious and adorable 3.5 legged dog living in Daejeon, South Korea, probably the world. She has recently received a haircut and been enjoying morning or afternoon runs with the Mrs. depending on the day.

In other news:

Here is the latest information regarding Cherry Blossoms and when you can expect to see them around South Korea.

If you don't make a habit of checking out Korea's Official Tourism website, you ought too, especially this page of special offers and discounts. If you have friends coming to visit, check out that Transportation deal which could potentially get you 50,000 Won free money. Or, if you're interested in a non-verbal performance, check out the discount on Bi-Bap.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweets and Meats: Happy Birthday Man

Friday, the 6th of April, the man Harrington was showered with gifts of sweets and meats in celebration of his life. After putting in a long day at work, teaching seven periods plus hosting some students for lunch and shattering a students pink pen the man was well prepared  for the evening plan of dining at Dino-Meats, all-you-can-eat meat buffet followed by Pi Phi, shenanigans and chatting at 519 Galma.

One highlight of the birthday celebration invloved the man Harrington impressing friends with his willingness and unflinching manner in downing a 1/2 pint of banana milk which rather than being purchased from a convenience store was picked up from a flower pot en route to Dino-Meats, flashback to dumpster diving days...ahhh, the memories.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the Kitchen: March 2012

519 Kitchen has revolved around a few constants throughout the month of March, primarily breakfasts, the use of fresh herbs and the use of home-made yogurt.

Previously at 519 Kitchen, weekday breakfasts consisted of cereal or toast, usually toast while walking to the bus stop. But knowing the value of a good breakfast and wanting more than anything to enjoy a strong start to the day, Melissa has discovered and embraced week-day breakfasts doing a lot of evening prep work for quick and satisfying breakfasts in the morning. Some of the Harrington's favorites and most Korea Friendly are: Breakfast Rice Bowls - either with fruits or in a savory fashion, Overnight Oats and for those with an oven and Costco Membership for blueberries, Blueberry Breakfast Cake.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Very Belated Valentine's Tradition

For four years of Valentine's Days as a Mr. and Mrs., Mike and Melissa have consistently opted to dine in rather than out. While dining in is not particularly rare for the couple, cooking together is indeed, rare. The reasons for this center around a) Melissa's love for cooking and being in the kitchen and b) Melissa's love for cooking and being in the kitchen and c) Melissa's slight inability, especially in the early days of marriage, to keep her mouth shut regarding others strange kitchen and cooking habits...aka, a lack of grace and gratitude.

However, a few years of marriage have toned down Melissa's critical nature but not released her from her love of cooking, so it remains, Valentine's Day is always a sure bet for a meal, cooked together by M'n'M.

Unfortunately, or fortunately considering the circumstances, Valentine's Day required a delay this year. On the actual 14th of February, the couple was enjoying a visit from friends and fiery red dalk-galbi. Shortly after the holiday, the couple enjoyed a vacation in Vietnam. Upon returning, they were soaking up time with yet more friends and finally began a new semester and new routine which wasn't ready for couple cooking until a few weeks in, and that, dear readers is why Valentine's day was belated.

Therefore, on the eve of March 25th, the couple set out to prepare and enjoy the Valentine's tradition which began with soft, Black Forest Cheese courtesy of Time World Galleria, crackers and Crab Apple Wine courtesy of August Vacations at Home and Prairie Berry Winery of South Dakota.

Read more and discover the menu...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Good day for Guinness

Having so thoroughly enjoyed a potluck centered on Guinness last year for St. Patrick's Day, Mike and Melissa were ready to host yet another potluck which would encourage guests to bring their choice of a dish, preferably with Guinness as one of the ingredients.

Although not everyone was up to the challenge, the dining room table held a bountiful feast with lots of meat and potatoes, equally appropriate for the given holiday.
Melissa prepared the above Colcannon with Guinness Sausage and Gravy while guests contributed...


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