Friday, August 10, 2012

A Slice of the Everyday

Since landing in South Korea nearly two years ago, the Harrington's have done a number of exciting and adventurous things in Korea and in neighboring countries. They've enjoyed soccer games, road trips, amusement parks, Vietnamese beaches, Broadway Musicals and numerous other singular events.

However, as the days of their Korean life wind down, they're relishing in the everyday moments and everyday people that have made these two years indescribably perfect and beautiful.

This past weekend began with the Harrington's welcoming a slew of friends into their home for a game of Redneck Life and Cards Against Humanity while throwing back some home brews, lasagna soup and peanut butter brownies. The evening included a surprise visit from Hyunhee and Hakcheol and an unplanned sleep-over (name(s) will not be given) which left the Harrington's reflecting on just how deeply they've invested themselves and been invested in over the course of two years.

Saturday brought more of the everyday joys and everyday people beginning with a charity sports event which involved Mike playing a bit of footy with a group of men who have done their best to keep him slim and trim regardless of how often Melissa bakes or how often he grabs a brew from the kegerator.

While Mike continued sweating and playing a bit of soccer, Melissa made her way to a nearby friends house where she was able to enjoy home-made snacks (sandwiches, chocolate muffins and fresh fruit) and coffee with a young mother and sweet friend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Jowlin' Good Birthday

Nearly 2 years ago, the Harrington's boarded a plane bound for South Korea. On the same plane sat two gents, one Brian, one Aaron. Although the group was unaware at the time, they would soon find themselves on the same bus, to the same orientation and teaching in the same South Korean town. Brian and Aaron would boldly submit their application for friendship with the Harrington duo and soon settle into a joy-filled, laugh-out-loud, family-away-from-family set of friendships. Brian would re-locate first. The Harrington's second.

But before this next round of relocating, it was the pleasure of a few good men and women, to celebrate with brews and steak the life and times of Aaron Fitzgerald, a man of puns and jokes, musicality and amiability, a teacher, a friend, a guitarist, a lover of green beans and pat-bing-su (but not together), one who prefers stouts to wheats and laughs to tears, a caring goofball of a friend who will be sorely missed...and let's be honest, who wouldn't miss and love men who can make faces such as these?

Friday, August 3, 2012

In the Kitchen: July 2012

As August enters and the Harrington's begin their countdown to their one-way flight out of Korea it has become clear that this will be the last installment of kitchen fare from a tiny Korean kitchen.

Not to imply the Mrs. won't be cooking in August. She will. But not much. There are copious amounts of fantastic Korean foods which must be consumed and their flavors memorized before trekking back to America. There are also copious amounts of foods in the pantry and the freezer that must be used and will most often find themselves being used in old favorites such as Kimchi Bokkeumbap, Kimchi Pancakes, mini-Kimbap and so on.

So, July's kitchen goodness offers the last glimpse at conquering the Korean kitchen and is filled primarily with peanut-buttery goodness in the forms of Peanut Butter Beer Bread, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Banana (n)Ice Cream Pie and the winner of them all, Peanut Butter Brownies. The brownies, served as the 'going away treat' at Melissa's school received rave reviews from the teachers and will likely make a few more appearances in the Harrington kitchen this August before the oven is sold off and the apartment abandoned.


Two other dishes from July that are particularly noteworthy are these Broiled Plum filled Crepes:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Farewell to Olympians: Korea vs. New Zealand

On Saturday, July 14th, the Harrington's loaded up the car and made the trek up to the big city for the second weekend in a row. Rather than setting out for the 1988 Olympic Park to watch a B-Boy competition, the Harrington's were set to watch South Korea's 2012 Olympic Soccer Team compete against New Zealand before being warmly sent off with the love and support of their nation and a few native English teachers.

Opting to take advantage of the big city, the couple headed out early with intentions to tour some top Seoul sights before the set off for home. However, upon pulling into the parking lot of the World Cup Stadium and realizing there was an IMAX theater showing The Amazing Spiderman in 3D and plenty of other distractions to keep the couple occupied until the games start time, they opted to stay on the World Cup Stadium premises and make the most of the day.


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