We were married in September of 2007 and have enjoyed every moment! We have a love for living in community with dear friends and family. We have a passion to travel, explore and discover. We have a love of entertaining in our home and hosting large events.  As we settle into a lifestyle, whether in Wyoming or Asia we are quick to invite new and old friends over for tea and board games (most likely Settlers of Catan). We read, write, take photos, cook, bake, and dabble in a little of this and a little of that.

We blog to keep family and friends up to date. We blog to chronicle our adventures and a few everyday moments. Early posts center around our CouchSurfing guests and experiences, hosting activities and everyday highlights. The summer of 2009 took us on a 40+ Day road trip around the western US when we were able to visit about 16 National Parks and see over 10,000 miles of the great Western US. The Summer of 2010 took us on a quick trip around the world - from Guatemala to South Africa to Thailand, Malaysia back to San Francisco and finally to South Korea where we currently reside.

Our hope is to not only keep friends and family up to date, but also to keep track of what we see, do and enjoy in South Korea and specificially in Daejeon. As we go on hikes, discover great restaurants, enjoy festivals and other such activities, we plan to catalog it here and include relatively detailed information on how and when others in the area could attend the same events.  Hopefully, this will serve as a tool for ourselves to return to some favorite Korean destinations as well as provide other Daejeonites the opportunity to easily navigate their time in the city.


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