Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stories from the Couch: January 19th

After two enjoyable nights with CS host in Chuncheon, the Harrington's prepared for a night with yet another CS host yet this time in Gangnueng, South Korea. Having spent the day at the beach, wandering the museum, drinking coffee and choco, and hitching their first ride, the Harrington's were happy to call a little place in the countryside home for the night. So it was, on January 19th, the couple loaded into the SUV belonging to their host Chris, and made their way from Gangnueng Bus Terminal to Chris's country side home.

Unlike many foreigners in Korea, Chris has hooked himself up with not only a vehicle (a large one at that) but also some sweet digs 10-15 minutes 'outside of town'. He lives amongst the farmers of his communities, wakes up to gorgeous views of rice paddies and mountains and has a full size range/oven combo. Melissa and Mike both had to work hard not to show too much envy for this CS host who hails from Florida and has been working in Korea for 3 years.

Chris was exactly what the Harrington's were looking for in a host on this particular night. Not too anxious or uptight and completely comfortable sitting around chatting about his Korean experiences, recent holiday celebrations, how he managed to land in such sweet digs, the back-stories regarding his three dogs, the back-story regarding the Harrington's dog-to-be, etc. With little warning, 11:00 rolled around and the trio realized they'd best head off to bed.

Morning came as faithfully as always, this time with a troop of small dogs to rouse Mike from his slumber and kick start his day and his wifes day taking the Seaside Train to Samcheok. Before making their way to the train station however, Mike and Melissa were taken into town by CS host Chris, grabbed a bite to eat at Tous Les Jours bakery and a few snacks at a grocery before awaiting the departure of their train, a story yet to be told.
Good Morning Sunshine

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