Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Years Ago: Lady Annyeong's Adot-a-Versary

The Harrington's have opted out of the traditional Christmas Card. Not because they are complete scrooges, but because Christmas is a busy, stressful season! The duo obviously loves receiving all the holiday cheer, but, since returning to the states and choosing to live life in Burlington, the couple has taken a more haphazard approach. This year, the celebratory card comes as a celebration of five-years sharing hearts and homes with a sweet little three-legged mutt named Lady Annyeong.

Thanks to Vistaprint, these postcards can be adorned with as many pictures of her majesty as the Harrington's so choose and a letter can be produced on the back side with very little effort. To family and friends, Mike and Melissa hope you've received your official copy in the mail - if you've mooved recently, perhaps now would be a good time to send a Facebook message or email to on the Harrington's so they can get their address book updated and add you to their relatively-annual holiday mailing list!

Oversized Postcards by Vistaprint


Greetings and Happy New Year!


A couple years ago, we opted out of the yearly Christmas card and decided to be a bit more haphazard and spontaneous in our mass update mailings. Thus, our mailings are unpredictable to say the least. For the year 2016 (specifically January, 21st) we are celebrating our 5-year Adoptaversary of Lady Annyeong Harrington. Hoo-ray! So, you have the pleasure of receiving an update adorned with the face of the sassiest, three-legged mutt from the streets of Seoul, South Korea.


A few Lady Factoids: She’s obsessive over cheese-sticks, jumping up on the chests of her humans for regular cuddles, and wagging her little nubbin’ of a tail. She’s queen of Abode 212, inside and outside. She loves her backyard access and is certain that the queen size bed was purchased with her in mind. She is the source of great joy, many giggles and all the best feelings - five years with Lady has provided us a lifetime of great happiness.


Aside from celebrating life with Lady, we continue trucking along with the community of Burlington and our rockin’ little pizzeria/gastro-pub/bar. The Burlington Place is our constant source of joy, annoyance, success, ridiculous stories, inspiration, faith in mankind, disappointment in mankind, great eats, fresh beer, innovative cocktail experiences, and so much more. A few BP factoids: Record pizza sales in one day - 84; 10,000th pizza sold in April. 456 Crows killed at our most recently hosted crow hunt. Over 1,000 views on the #TBPPizzaSpecial known as More Than a Club (cream cheese, chicken, bacon, tomato, pickles and raw onion).


And some non-business factoids from the life of M&M: There are two guest rooms available at Abode 212 in Burlington, WY. M&M celebrated 8 years of marriage in September 2015. In 2015, M&M were able to attend the Mountain West Conference basketball games in Las Vegas. They also attended the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, CO. Mike built a patio and deck in the backyard AND set-up a hot tub(!) Melissa has resurrected the blog ( if you’re so inclined to stay relatively updated, that’s your resource.


Cheers to you and yours! (especially your furry friends!)

Mike, Melissa and Lady Annyeong Harrington


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