Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Job Proves to be "Just Another Vacation"

On Sunday, June 7, Mike and Melissa Harrington began their summer by donning t-shirts, nametags and smiles, all the while thinking: "We're getting paid to do this?!?"

The Harrington's will be spending a total of 20 days serving as Program Co-ordinator's for the University of Wyoming Summer High School Institute (HSI) which strives to take the best, brightest and most curious Wyoming High School Sophmore's and introduce them to University courses, new ways of thinking and each other. For most, it will be a life changing experience, for our fearless couple, Mike and Melissa, it could quite possibly be the best 20 work days of their lives.

By the close of week one Mike and Melissa have earned a paycheck by doing a compilation of the following:
  • Making up a team name and cheer
  • Eating for free: from Washakie to Lovejoy's the foods been free of charge, free of our preparing, and free of our cleaning up
  • Donuts
  • Day in the Springs of Saratoga
  • 4-hour dance party
  • Numerous Soccer and Frisbee games
  • Playing Phase 10
  • Puzzle completing
  • Napping
  • Discovering
  • Games of Wallyball
  • Mixing and Mingling with some truly AWESOME high school students
  • Downtown adventures at NU2U, Night Heron Books and the Chocolate Cellar
  • Vedauwoo hikes
  • Transformers on a large screen
  • Running into numerous friends on the UW campus
  • Experience driving 15 passenger vans
  • Wal-Mart trips
  • And so much more!

When seen in this format, the Harrington's a fooled into thinking "Maybe this isn't a summer job, perhaps it's just another vacation."


Fred the Fairy Godmother said...

Don't forget the rocking at soccer, Mike! And the domination of puzzles, Melissa. :D

Christina Morice Allen said...

Thanks for taking me to the chocolate cellar and introducing me to the amazingness of Sweet Melissa's. I didn't know meatless meatballs were so fantastic!


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