Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Floating Lanterns and Festivities in Jinju, South Korea

The night of October the 7th, the Harrington duo alongside their Sofa-Sleeping friend Aaron and the most trustworthy sidekick Ms. Lady Annyeong loaded up the dear Guemi Matiz and hit the expressway en route to Jinju. About 2 hours, an egg salad sandwich and an unfortunate exit choice later, the crew pulled into Jinju, South Korea where festivities were just beginning to light up and had yet to receive the full flux of weekend travelers. So it was that the Harrington family and Mr. Fitz enjoyed an evening of glowing lanterns, candle-lit-floating-lantern-wishes, tunnels of glowing-red-lanterns, joyous children, fire-breathing phoenix and dragons, floating river bridges, heaps of food scraps for the Lady and a most amazing late-night-chicken-snack all on a Friday night. Having enjoyed the festivities and committed to setting up a tent and sleeping in it, the crew made their way south (slightly unknowingly) and pitched their tent between the sea and a rice field .


The Jinju Lantern Festival was fully enjoyable on all accounts. For the Harrington's, arriving Friday night was a special joy as the crowds were smaller and partaking in the festivities proved much easier than when the crew attended the same festival on Saturday night. Saturday night was highlighted by
a semi-short Firework Show that left Lady shaking in her fur and scrambling to get back to Daejeon. At the same time, the fireworks offered opportunities to watch the pure, unadulterated joy of a young girl who couldn't snap her mother's iPhone camera quick enough nor squeal high enough to truly express the amazement which was hers at seeing the sky lit up.

As far as festivals are concerned, this may well be one of the best the Harrington's attended. The variety of lanterns is vast, the dining options are equally vast, walking along the river or through the 'castle' grounds during the day is quite exquisite. As for Jinju itself, the town had a great vibe and boasts their own version of Bibimbap which ought to come with raw beef...perhaps saved over from one of the cities infamous bull-fights (not in the manner of Spanish bull-fights, rather like cock-fights...between bulls). Regardless, the city is an enjoyable little stop over with plenty to keep one amused for a day or so, especially if one happens to arrive in time for the lantern festival.

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Sunshine83ish said...

This is so beautiful! I can't wait to come and see South Korea with you two.


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