Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now THIS is Colorado!

Day 3: June 29, 2009 – Ft. Collins, CO to Taylor Park, CO
From Highways to Dirt Road Switchbacks

Much to Mike’s distaste, this day started a little late. Melissa was making tea, blogging, facebooking, and ultimately wasting time, for this reason, we did not make it on the road until around 12:30. However, this wasn’t “on-the-road-for Taylor Park”, this was on the road to see baby Easton and drop by Luella’s work, then leave for Taylor Park…

After catching up on some email and blogging, we headed to Shannon and Joey Hoeffler’s place in Ft. Collins to meet the newest addition to the family, 7 week old Easton.
We then made our way to Luella’s place of employment to return a key and offer our heartfelt gratitude for her hospitality and overall wonderful-ness. It was then time to hit the road! We managed to navigate our way through Loveland, Longmont, Boulder and some other Front-range cities before making our way to Highway 285, from which we enjoyed smooth sailing and beautiful scenery.

After about six hours on the road, we arrived at our CouchSurfing destination of the evening: Joey’s place in Taylor Park, CO. Little did we know the crazy experience we would be in for! Joey welcomed us heartily into his home which is located above the local cafe of Taylor Park. This home was shared with 7 other men and some women who lived nearby and were frequent guests: these other occupants hailed from as close as Kansas, and as far as Russia and Polland – needless to say, we enjoyed the company in Taylor Park, CO. It was a night filled with movies, PB&J, Pabst Blue Ribbon, admiring the “Beer”amid, and listening to never before preformed songs by our host himself, Joey.

As we drifted off to sleep we were again thankful for the experiences that are possible only through CouchSurfing. Here we were, sleeping for free in Taylor Park, CO whereas others had paid who knows how much to sleep in cozy cabins with people they had known for years.


Stephanie said...

I love reading your updates. Travel safely friends -- we look forward to hearing more stories upon your return! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Keep it up; I'm living vicariously through your fun vacation! Hope you guys have a great time. -Jay


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