Saturday, September 22, 2012

Update: The Short of It

THT has often ran a consistent program of updating readers on recent happenings in the lives and times of the Harrington family.

However, being a blogging format, ran and operated by the Harrington couple, there are times when blogging cannot occur on a regular basis. In the past, that's usually spanned a week or two while the couple vacations or visits family, etc.

Well, now, there's been a significant break in the reporting here at THT and we, the keepers of the news and the blog offer our apologies and an abridged version of what's been going on with plans to expand on the moments which have been bringing life to the Harrington's over the past couple months.

August was filled with packing, shipping, cleaning, eating at favorite restaurants and saying good-byes (or avoiding good-byes) to the land and people of South Korea. Redneck Life saw some game time, kegs were polished off, plum pie was shared and enjoyed, the couch was surfed by a dear friend, Mandy.

Mandy's stay included a first-time visit to a cat cafe, down-town shopping and the beginning of the road-trip/final Korea vacation for the Harringtons. The family and Mandy stopped in Gyeong-ju on the way to Busan and enjoyed fields of flowers and a stroll around the infamous pond. Busan was highlighted by outdoor dining and beach camping, swimming and fried chicken under the parasol. From Busan, the Harringtons left Mandy and continued on to Jeju Island, the 'Hawaii' of South Korea.

While road-tripping around Jeju, the couple hit up some hot spots including Love-land (a post which may have to be censored), beaches, South Korea's tallest mountain/volcano, the mystery road, Asia's newest and largest aquarium, and a good variety of Jeju's edible specialties including 5-layer black pig.

Back on the mainland, Mike said his final farewell to students, while Melissa finished packing and preparing Lady for the upcoming flight and transition home. Good friends joined the couple for their last delivery meal and some of the same good friends even saw the Harringtons off at the airport.

The Harringtons arrived on the 26th of August in LA where they were re-united with Lady Annyeong, Katie and friends-who-once-lived in Korea, Kolt and Holly. The following day they road-tripped to Wyoming and promptly (as in within 24 hours of Laramie arrival) began working for Albany County School District #1.

Since living in working in Laramie, the family is back in their 519 home where they first began married life. The couple has attended weddings, celebrated their anniversary, had their first guest (a friend from Korea no less), enjoyed a family reunion, the acquiring of phones, finding soccer fields, re-connecting with friends, slowly unpacking and dumpster diving among many other good-ole American life activities.

And that's the short of it. With hopes to give more details into all of it in the upcoming days.

Thanks for sticking with us. For ensuring our life in Korea was beautiful and for welcoming us back to the US.

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Sunshine83ish said...

:) Thanks for letting me stay, making delicious plum pie, and cooking for me when you were sick!


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