Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Time

Day 45 and 46: August 10th and 11th, 2009 - Worland, WY to Ten Sleep, WY and eventually Billings, MT
Time to work and chat.

Monday the 10th, we slept in. Melissa planned a couple meals and side dishes to share with family and to take home on Wednesday so we wouldn't starve upon arriving home to our unfurnished refrigerator. Mike "farmed" in the morning and then made his way back to Ten Sleep with grandpa Jack to meet up with the Harrington side of the family to help install a sprinkler system.

A Green Bean Salad, Spicy Pea Salad, Bean Pie Filling, Slow-Cooker Rhubarb and 3 blogs later, Melissa was ready to join up with the 'hubs' at Ten Sleep Cabin.

Meanwhile, Mike had been "working" at the Ten Sleep Cabin which entailed sitting on the porch waiting for an uncle or cousin to claim: "I could use help" or "Here's something you can do." So, as all people should, he took advantage of the beautiful landscape and plentiful food sources provided by his Aunt Susan. By evening, Melissa and Katie had arrived to take part in a steak dinner and help with small parts of the sprinkler system installation, mostly entailing placing dirt back in the wholes it came from. Dinner was fantastic! We enjoyed steak, green bean salad, baked beans and a wide assortment of sweet treats to end the meal. After a bit of chatting and enjoying family we headed back to Worland for another nights rest before journeying northward toward Billings, MT.

Upon waking the next morning, Mike and Melissa prepared themselves to go and visit Grandma Barb. The drive was as exciting as any, complete with road consturction and miles upon miles of nothing but great rolling hills, brown grasses and mountains in the background. We made our way to Grandma Barb's home where we were greeted by not only Grandma, but also Rick, Cassie and John. Rick and Cassie were on their way out and John was soon sent out to retrieve Mike, Melissa and Barb some of the finest burgers known to the American public, those which can only be purchased at McDonald's.

With McDonald's cheeseburgers and fries on fine "china" we filled our bellies and filled the air with chit-chat about family, our travels and future plans. Soon enough, naptime arrived and Mike and Melissa were again on the road and making their way to Worland.

Once at home, Mike and Melissa did as was becoming habit and enjoyed some time online. Mama Harrington arrived home and informed us that an old high school friend of hers was going to be joining us for a classic dinner of pizza and wine. We enjoyed the dinner and conversing with Patty's friends, learning of her and even Tom's many adventures and wild undertakings that had never before been exposed to their children. In a word, the evening was: enlightening!

We rested our heads that night, knowing that we would soon be home. Sleeping in our own bed, showering in our own shower, shopping at our familiar grocery store and enjoying the feel of couches beneath our bums rather than the contant pressure of the front seats of our faithful Subaru, Nav-E.

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