Tuesday, May 15, 2012

JUMP: A Kicking Good Time!

On Friday, May 4th the Harrington's along with good friends Alla, Garrett, Hyunhee and Hakcheol made their way to the arts center of Chungnam University where they sat down to enjoy the non-verbal performance, JUMP.

Initially the group was a bit disappointed to see such a small turn out for this one-weekend Daejeon performance. However, within minutes an 'old man' was wandering the aisles and causing a bit of a stir. As the 'old man' made his way to the stage with cane in hand and a high-pitched 'boop!' to go with every step forward the crowd quickly came to understand that the following hour or so would be nothing short of entertaining.

From an adorable 'old man' who generally served as comedic relief and transition time entertainment to a crew of impressively talented martial-artists and actors JUMP introduced the audience to a family (Grandpa, Father, Mother, Drunk Uncle and Beautiful Daughter) that would soon meet the Son-in-Law to be. Part of securing his role as future husband obviously included his ability to kick, block and punch - a set of skills that were near-terrifying when the character removed his nerdy glasses.

The show moved forth with plenty of laughter, action, flips, kicks and even an appearance by two not-so-impressive Ninjas.

Overall, the show was entertaining and worth the time and cash invested, leaving the entire audience ready to kick their way downtown and into the weekend.


Dani said...
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Dani said...

When we went with my mom and aunt in Seoul, the "old grandfather" made Matt kiss a Korean girl on the cheek! I felt so bad for her, she looked like she was dying of embarrassment. What a fun show :D


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