Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nowoodstock...on the Nowood River

Day 43-44: August 8th and 9th, 2009 - Ten Sleep, WY

It's like Woodstock but Not...

This is what we've been waiting for! This is the event that has kept us on the road since day one. It began last night, but Saturday is the big day - the day that everyone comes out for, the day for sunshine, frybread, the Adam's Special and Jalan Crossland.

We have a tendency to miss the first band, so we kept with the tradition and arrived at Nowoodstock around 11:00. Mike, Melissa, Katie, Travis, Erin, Ryan, Travis II, Shane, Parents I, Parents II, Rick and Cassie. We also have the opportunity to see our wonderfu HSI friends Ethan and Kara, plus by the end of the day we also run into Mike's high school art teacher, cross country coach, Lori and Brianna - one of many reasons to love small towns in Wyoming!

Here is a run down of a few Nowoodstock highlights:

  • Napping to Palmer Divide

  • The king of Nowoodstock: Jalan Crossland

  • Sourdough Fry Bread

  • Chuck Pyle

  • Chatting with friends

  • Swimming in the River

  • Three rain storms

  • Sun burns

  • Losing and breaking sandals

  • Spawning Fondness

  • Watching the Hippie Dancers

  • Hoola-hoopers

  • Ice Cream

  • The Martinez Food Wagon

Not only did we enjoy the events associated with Nowoodstock, we also enjoyed a surplus of muffins each morning, reconnecting with friends and family, the fresh air of Ten Sleep Canyon and the relaxation that is only possible at the cabin. We also had the special privilege of hearing Mr. Allen strum on his guitar and sing a small portion of the 100 or so songs he has learned in his lifetime. As always, Nowoodstock was a fabulous hit and all who attended will anxiously await the Nowoodstock's of coming years.

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