Friday, March 2, 2012

Craving Biscuits and Gravy: Online Grocers in Korea

Here in South Korea there is a small yet growing population of foreign food markets. Daejeon is actually home to two rather fine and fabulous small markets; one in Gung-dong and one near Daejeon station. Each provides goods such as cilantro, Thai basil, cheap whole cinnamon, dried chickpeas and other beans, etc. However, a bit of browsing and checking a popular site for expats teaching in South Korea, Melissa stumbled upon a motherload of information regarding foreign foods. The initial tip off covers the numerous foreign food stores to be found in Seoul as well as providing some links to delivery options in Korea for those expat souls who are living and teaching in small, less populated corners of the peninsula. Delivery options also offer a fabulous opportunity for those in larger cities who don't enjoy making their way to Costco because it's too far, too busy, too noisy etc.

Regardless of the reasons you desire some comfort foods from home, we at The Harrington Times have it under good authority that Melissa Harrington has been craving some biscuits and gravy, this comes mostly due to her grandmother's fine skills at whipping up a batch of this filling, comforting breakfast. This craving has Mrs. Harrington feeling particularly excited about The Underground Grocer who claims to sell two types of ground sausage. Other items foreigners may be excited about are: corn tortillas, refried beans, chickpeas, lentils, cardamon pods, salami, pesto, cous cous, and so much more. (Update March 2012: The Underground Grocer no longer exists at that link and we have yet to find a replacement. If you have any information on this shop, pleas leave a comment)

Another online grocer who delivers is Nice Deli a few highlights from their storefront: corn meal, various (yet not extensive) Bob's Red Mill grains and flours, oatmeal, fresh cilantro, pinto beans and pita bread just to name a few available items. Finally for online food stuffs there is EZ Shop Korea which is essentially shopping Costco online. Here you can find everything from English books and DVDs to deodarant, mate tea, canned pumpkin and cranberries, Athenos hummus dips, Spanish Jamon, ranch and onion dips and so much more.

Update March 2012: Things just keep getting better! Now for your foreign grocery needs as well as Ikea items and the like check out FatBag! A great mix of numerous items many expats crave and desire once they've settled in the land of fermented and spicy foods (which are oh-so-delicious-but-no-substitute-for-meals-reminescent-of-home). FatBag is completely in English and looks ready to provide a great, one-stop shopping experience for those of us more fluent in English and fine cheese than Korean and aged kimchi.

Turns out, being a foreigner isn't nearly as demanding of comfort food sacrifices as some have previously believed. Happy grocery shopping!


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Anonymous said...

I think the loss of "comfort" foods is one of the most overlooked things in relocation. This was really interesting...and I don't even live in ROK!

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