Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrifting in Daejeon: Vintage

Thrifting in Daejeon is a well-established past-time of Mrs. Harrington as evidenced by previous THT posts. Most common to the thrift-store, second-hand scene in South Korea is The Beautiful Store (such as this in Daejeon, the one in Nonsan and a recently seen one in Seoul!) However, The Beautiful Store doesn’t have a monopoly on thrift stores in Korea and it’s a good, good thing.

Vintage is another thrift store that has won over Melissa’s heart since arriving in Daejeon. A superb selection of seasonal clothes from jackets and sweaters in winter to cardigans and dresses in the spring, Vintage is Melissa’s top pick for thrifting in Daejeon. Slightly more pricey than The Beautiful Store, Vintage generally comes in with most items a solid 5,000-10,000 won – even jackets, of which there are many to choose from.

Getting There:

Vintage is located in that infamous area known as Gung-dong home to places such as Santa Claus, Taco K, Ms. Jin’s Hamburger’s, Bongam Elementary, etc. Vintage is located within the same kind of area as Taco K, however closer to the river. It’s therefore accessible by buses 105, 104, 109, 911 and some others. As well, one can take 102, 108, 106, 113, and 706 to the Home-Plus on the river, cross the river, then the street, walk one block and turn right. Look for a few racks of coatsand track suits outside and a sign that says Vintage and you’ve reached your destination!


Aaron Fitzgerald said...

Any dude getups?

Melissa said...

Not much for dude's...occassionally, well, usually track suits, jackets and such but nothing aside from those items. Beautiful Store is better for men ^^


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