Monday, December 21, 2009

Stories from the Couch: October, November, December '09

After receiving a small portion of harassment from other Laramie CouchSurfing hosts, the Harrington's placed a disclaimer on their CouchSurfing profile requesting guests to check into other hosts, as by hosting, CouchSurfers become more involved in the spirit of CouchSurfing and better serve the CS community at large. After a couple of months, the Harrington's could not handle the lack of surfing occuring on their own couch and therefore, removed the disclaimer. They have since had a few opportunities to host some friends as well as CouchSurfers (most of whom did not date their guest book entries). The following is a small taste of CouchSurfing experiences through the fall of 2009.

Andrew Prior - good friend: en route to Salt Lake City, UT

The last time I saw you I introduced you to CouchSurfing and now look how far you have run with it. I am quite impressed.

Mike and Melissa:

  • Very little in life is as valuable as a healthy and beautiful relationship.

  • May we all recognize the importance of people and relationship over careers and finances.

  • California is not for everybody (not that we ever would have thought so).

Abby and Andrea: en route to Michigan for the Holidays

Even though people may be bitter, I am so very glad we got to stay with you!...It was so cold outside but the company and warmth inside was fantastic.


you both are living up to the idea of hospitality and it's so nice to see a couple that really strives to support each other and exemplify their values...Good tea and good people is one of simplest, nicest things in life and thank you for reminding me of that!


Mike and Melissa:

  • It's a small world: only a few months ago we hosted Abby's room-mate from Idaho!

  • Re-connecting with friends and more importantly maintaining connections with friends is one of life's greates joys.

  • Everyone loves tea parties!

December 3, 2009: Biz en route to Portland, OR

Last night I had a dream that more and more guests kept showing up at your house (which was kind of like a giant Frank Lloyd Wright house 'cus it was a dream). My friends, your friends, moms and kids and so many people! There was a talent show and an 8 foot tall man was singing in a shimmering pink costume. Basically it just turned into a circus but thru it all you two were great hosts and made sure everyone felt welcome - which makes me smile because it's true! (Unfortunately, in the dream the talent show went on so long that you missed part of work. oops. Sorry.)

Anyhow, thanks a mil! My first night ever in Wyoming and it felt very nice and familiar just drinking tea and eating fancy food out of the dumpster.

December 3, 2009: Mike and Melissa

  • Everyone should have a guest book just in case someone has an awesome dream while sleeping at your house.

  • Book Recommendations are what keep our minds going: Blue Highways and The Atlas.

Jon (California Wine Intern Heading back home to Wisconsin):

Thank you for welcoming me into your cozy house! It was great talking with you two about your past adventures. Best wishes for an incredible journey around the world next summer! I wish I could join you for the World Cup!

Mike and Melissa:

  • Holiday leftovers make hosting CouchSurfers a breeze!

  • Guatemala has many reasons to make our list of World Travel destinations.

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