Monday, June 13, 2011

100 and Some Bottles of Beer on the Wall (and on the floor)

The Brewing Operations continue and are in full swing at '519' Galma! Mike Harrington took a trip to a local recycling center, hoping to grab 30 bottles for his next bottling session and came home with a hundred and some odd bottles! He's worked out a deal for trading home made brews for the bottles...however, the recycling center folks really liked the beer and wanted more, stating they would pay for it. Turns out, they meant they would pay for the beer by offering more bottles - the Harrington's should have guessed as much!

For now, 519 Galma is filled to the brink with bottles filled with an 'award-winning' Belgium (no joke!), a Nut Brown Ale, a Wheat, a recently bottled Pilsner and an IPA in the brew tank. Go Big or Go Home, that's what the Man Harrington always says ^_^

Should you find yourself in the city of Daejeon and craving a 'better-than-Cass/Hite/Max' beer take yourself on over to Beer for Babies a Facebook Page and start placing some orders! (all proceeds to benefit the adoption of friends of the Harrington's living in the good ole US of A).


corourke said...

Well when can we get our hands on some ;) Would love to sample the wheat! Gooo beer for babies :)

Micah and SaraJane said...

WAHOO!!!! Love this! Thanks Mike for all your work andthanks for all your reporting Melissa. :)


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