Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Name Game

On Monday, January 17th the Harrington's made their way to Seoul and began their first week of true-blue vacation since arriving in Korea. Heading toward Chuncheon, South Korea the Harrington's made a choice to stop and meet a girl named Sylvie. If you're reading this, it means the Harrington's are quite confident and certain that soon Sylvie will be theirs, greeting them at the threshold every day after work, causing them to stroll through a nearby park multiple times a day and bring the type of joy only animals can bring to a home. If you're reading this, prepare to hear more and more stories about life with a dog while living in Korea. If you're reading this, anticipate the return of the Harrington's and the small bundle of joy that will accompany them in the form of a white with brown spots, 3.5 legged mixed breed small dog (not child - lest you still be confused this far into the post).

However, Sylvie as a name, just doesn't sit quite right. Doesn't quite fit the Harrington style nor the Wyoming life and dog companions she may enjoy. This is where you, our readers come into play. We at The Harrington Times value your input and advice regarding all sorts of important life decisions including the naming of our first pet.

 First, a little 'history' and a few ideas which have been kicked around by the Harrington's themselves. A note on 'history', for years, Mike has boldly stated that he would have a dog named Genghis, a name referencing the mighty, powerful and downright burly Genghis Kahn of Mongolia. Mike knows exactly what type of dog this name fits, and Sylvie is not that dog. The couple have also talked of one day owning a turtle to take on the name Atilla, a fish or cat by the name of Ghandi, etc. (The most likely of these three to truly exist in the life of the Harrington's will be Genghis). This sets a 'name stage' of influential people throughout history, particularly in Asia. Therefore, Melissa Harrington has decided that the following two names would be acceptable for Sylvie: 1) Lady and 2) Su Kyi, both in reference to Aung San Su Kyi of Burma, Nobel Peace Prize winner and proponent of democracy in the nation operated by a military junta. Lady takes on a second meaning when considered in context of the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp. It is likely that Sylvie in her stature and adorbale-factor will find herself a 'lady' among many 'tramps' upon returning to Wyoming. Su Kyi has a pleasant 'Asian' ring to it and is the most direct reference to an admirable woman. The thrid name choice is 3) Anyeong, a Korean word which generally translates to 'Hello' but may hold an association of sorts with a traditional word for 'Peace'.  The name Anyeong would also prove humourous to those familiar with the TV series Arrested Development, such as Mike Harrington who already gets a kick out of imagining calling forth our dog. As a sort of 'compromise' Melissa Harrington has suggested the name 4)Lady Anyeong.

As readers and friends, the Harrington's request that you put forth your opinions on the four name choices and/or add to the possibilities by commenting on this article. As always, they are grateful for your input and advice however make no guarantees as to the final outcome. Check back often for new stories on the Harrington's and to find out the final decision in 'The Name Game'.

In case you missed the link at the top, click here, to get a feel for Sylvie's personality and adorable looks.


K1 said...

4 :D

J.Hamilton said...

Oh, absolutely Anyeong! Anything to make you think of Arrested Development!!

Matt Coulter said...

Oh my gosh... I was reading this and thinking "that's the boy from Arrested Development! I wonder if they know that?!" And then you mentioned it. That is hilarious. You've gotta go with that one!


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