Friday, May 21, 2010

World Cup Soccer 2010 Predictions

Mike returned home from work this afternoon, and was met with an email that read "You guys don't even need to go and watch. It's been mathematically proven that Brazil will most likely win." That was verbatim, but the sarcasm was evident. In order to test this theory out, Mr. Harrington has set up two World Cup Soccer 2010 brackets -- much like March Madness brackets for NCAA basketball--one using yahoo, and the other using espn. He wants to have a friendly competition with anyone willing, to see who can do the best at guessing the outcome of the World Cup, and specifically the match that the Harrington's will be going to in July (3rd/4th place match).

If you're willing (and Mr. Harrington desperately hopes you are!), sign up and fill out your bracket using the following links and information.

Yahoo Bracket Group Name: South Africa Here We Come!
Group ID: 6983
Password: mandella
ESPN Bracket #1 Group Name: World Cup Wyomingites
Group ID: 20698
Password: mandella
ESPN Bracket #2 Group Name: World Cup Wyomingites
Group ID: 283
Password: mandella
ESPN Knockout Stage Bracket Group Name: World Cup Wyomingites
Group ID: 26665
ESPN Fantasy Team Group Name: World Cup Wyomingites
Password: mandella

It should be known that the ESPN Bracket #1 you will be asked to pick the top two teams to advance out of each pool, and then fill out the bracker from their; ESPN Bracket #2 is picking the winner of every game; ESPN Knockout Stage Bracket is only for the knockout stage (after the pool stage); while in the Yahoo bracket you will be asked to pick the scores of EVERY game as well as who wins (bonus points for getting the scores right). The ESPN Fantasy team works similar to other "fantasy" games, where you pick a squad of players, and your score is based off of how well the individual players do. This is Mr. Harrington's first time trying anything "fantasy", and he is excited about the prospects. Please join 1 or all brackets...or at the very least comment on who you think will win the world cup and who the Harringtons will be seeing in the consolation final match!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Alright...I signed up on both sites (ESPN #1 and Yahoo). The ESPN #1 reflects the mathematic equation I sent you alot more closely than the stupid Yahoo one.

...Maybe I'll just use the Yahoo one to make my pathetic projections since I took all that time to get it set up. That should be HI-LARIOUS!


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