Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stories from the Couch: April 19th

On Monday evening, Mike and Melissa found themselves host to a lively and energetic 30-something male motorcyclist who was making his way cross-country. Having concluded that they were hungry yet worn-down from the days dealings; Mike, Melissa and Milton made their way to the Library Restaurant where they met up with a couple of friends and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Milton kept the conversation going as he encouraged the use of CouchSurfing as a way to travel and experience the best a town or country has to offer. The Harrington's reminisced about their summer 2009 road trip as Milton discussed his own recent adventures at Salvation Mountain, Joshua Tree and through Monument Valley. The night was filled with conversations regarding travel and the excitement which is inherent in such conversations.

A desire to lay their heads to rest quickly yanked the CouchSurfer and his hosts from all conversation and all three enjoyed a restful nights sleep. Mike and Melissa made their way to work the following morning while Milton hopped on the cycle and continued on his journey.

A satisfactory way to end the hosting of CouchSurfers in 519 Clark. It is now for the Harrington's to turn the tables on CouchSurfing and become the surfer -- until Korea that is.

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