Friday, December 12, 2008

Lessons from the Couch: November '08

November found the couch with a little more down time but nonetheless, the Harrington's had two significant visits for the eleventh month of the year.
Tuesday November 4: Matt en route to California

"Today is a very important day to me, the night of the most important election in the history of the world. Every American will remember where they were and what they were doing on this historic evening. I will remember that I was in Laramie, Wyoming with 3 new friends, Mike, Melissa and Mark...I will also remember listening to John McCain make his concession sppech and then listening to Barack Obama accept the nomination as President of this United States. We listened on Radio, so much nicer than television...It is interesting to me that my gracious hosts, being from Wyoming and voting Republican, and myself, environmental activist and door-to-door Obama compaigner, were together for this occassion...It does not matter who is president, it is up to us to make our world how we want it to be. One way to do this is to have good people around, so thanks for the couch but more importantaly thank you for spending this evening with me, I'll never forget it. Always remember, whenever in doubt, 'Yes we Can'."

Tuesday November 4: Mike and Melissa

What We learned:
  • Share things, like music - whatever you have.

  • We are not the only ones with bad car luck.

  • Apples and Peppers make for delicious Pizza toppings!

Tuesday November 25: Mandy Litton (Friend of Melissa)

"Thank you so much for blessing me with a place to sleep. I love to see where you are in life and how much you seem to make of each moment...I think your generosity is admirable and something I wish more people showed. Thank you both for making me feel welcome. It's great to see God use people. I wish you both the best..."

Tuesday November 25: Mike and Melissa (mostly Melissa)

What we learned:

  • Some friends need no re-introduction, even after 5 years

  • You can make someone's day by offering to go out to breakfast while still wearing pajamas

  • There is always time for Christmas decorations!

  • There is also, always time for knitting!

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