Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking Back: Here, There, Everywhere - Thailand

During the hot, muggy, humid, miserable season that is Thailand in August, the Harrington's managed to have a number of purely Thai Experiences. From avoiding the scams of Bangkok, to wandering the ruins of Ayutthaya, listening to K-Pop in Lampang, hunkering down in Chiang Mai and even a little rest and relaxation on the coast in Songkhla, the Harrington's had an eventful and memorable 2 weeks in Thailand during their World Tour 2010. Of note, was the numerous and various modes of transportation the couple enjoyed while touring Thailand, from ferries, planes and trains, to tuk-tuks and elephants, the couple experienced the widest array of transportation while in Thailand and managed to put some of those experiences together in a video compilation. Enjoy the many modes of transport as experienced by the Harrington's in Thailand.

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