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Fine Dining in Daejeon: Tips for the Meatless

While Korean food meets a deep satisfying need for many expats who find themselves in South Korea, there is a dependence on meats and fish sauces and broths in Korean cooking that can create a challenging situation for expats who would like to experience Korea and their lives in general, with the absence of meat.

Earlier this year, the Harrington's informed their reader's about one popular Daejeon Alternative, Machera Well-Being Vegetarian Buffet at the end of the subway line at Banseok. However, it's quite possible local or visiting vegetarians are a bit tired of the selection and location of this option and are yearning for a bit more variety.


Fortunately, the Harrington's are decently connected and have had the pleasure of meeting a long-time vegan in Daejeon who graciously shared his knowledge and experience of eating out in Daejeon. The following are locations and dishes and tips from this friend regarding meatless eating in Daejeon. Details are given to the extent THT can provide. THT hasn't sat down at all of these eateries and cannot attest to location or deliciousness. However, readers who are meatless and adventurous should enjoy the challenge of hunting down these alternatives to home-cooking and Machera Buffet.

Vegetarian Buffet #2: Near Lotte Deparment Store
"You can barely see it, but it is between the Africa Veterinary place (big blue sign) and Pro Studio Place (orange sign). You have to walk in and go downstairs, but the food there is good too, and all vegetarian, mostly vegan, there might be one or two things with egg. There is plenty to choose from without being unsure though and if you can speak Korean, you can ask specifics."

Shady Back Alley Chinese Restaurant: Near Daejeon Station
"Will make jjampong and jajaingmyeon vegan, but you have to specify vegan as the restaurant also serves non-vegetarian versions of both of these dishes" 

Papa John's Pizza: Various Locations
"They will make the garden special without cheese if requested"

Best Kong-guk-su: Doma Dong
Kong-guk-su is a cold noodle soup with soy milk. Acquired taste. 

Other places that have vegetarian/vegan options which may require small, but doable requests include and/or English speaking staff that can most easily accommodate your needs:
If you're more inclined toward enjoying the local cuisine and happen to be relatively functional in Korean, check out this document with numerous phrases and words to assist in eating meat free.

Or, get acquainted with the following phrases and words (using google translate or other service if needed) in order to enjoy popular dishes such as Bibimbap, Ddokboki or Kimbap with your friends at any regular ole Korean joint.

저는 채식주의자입니다.
(im a vegetarian)

저는 그래서 다음을 포함하는 음식을 먹지 않습니다
(so i don't eat the following)

고기 (meats)
햄 , 베이컨

해물 (seafood)
생선 , 새우
조개 , 꽃게

낙농 제품 (dairy)
우유 , 크림
버터 , 치즈
달걀 / 계란

국물 / 소스 (broths)
육수 , 사골
멸치 / 젓갈
같은 유지류

저는 오직 채소, 과일, 밥, 콩, 두부 종류만 먹습니다.
( i eat vegetables fruit, rice, beans, tofu)

계란이랑 고기없는 = 비빔밥 / 돌솟비빔밥 / 돌솟밥 / 보리밥
bibimbap(and like dishes) without egg or meat)

어묵/오뎅이랑 계란없는 = 떡볶이 / 라볶이
dokkbokki without fishcake or eggs

젓갈이랑 조개 없는 = 된장찌개 / 청국장
twenjang chigae and cheonggukchang without anchovie sauce or clams

해물(멸치, 새우) 없는 = 두부두루치기
spicy tofu dish (without seafood)

햄,마요네즈,어묵,계란없는 = 김밥
kimbap without ham mayo fishcake or egg

해물,고기(햄)랑 계란없는 = 부침개 / 빈대떡 / 전
korean style pancakes/pizza[but not really anything a like] without
seafood, meat or eggs

들깨수제비 , 야채죽 , 콩국수 - these are usually fine, but the first
might have some seafood broth at some places so its best to let them
know if you dont eat that.

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