Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lessons from the Couch: May '09

The month of May was a month of WOW in the world of CouchSurfing for Mike and Melissa. For one whole week the Harrington's had new friends and old friends crashing their couch each and every night. They continue to love the experience of CouchSurfing and were encouraged and impressed with each of this months guests.

Tuesday May 5: Matt and Owen - Motorcycle Tourists

Your dumpster-dived shrip-gumbo-non-gumbo was delicious, and was wonderfully complimented with your new CS dessert creation (Caramel Scrumtious). Mike, thank you for introducing me (Owen) to the awesome Settlers of Catan, and I'm sorry you were defeated by yet another couchsurfer on your home turf (don't worry, I know it was a fluke, so you can continue to wear your crown as the king of that game with 67 wins). The tea, ah the tea. Melissa, you won our hearts over with the first cup poured, as well as the dozen or so after that :) thank you! We thank you both for such a warm welcom and such generous hospitality; we are truly grateful. We hope that your jouneys will bring you either to one of matt's World Race Countries, or to me in Mali during your Africa trek! Thanks again for everything!
Love Owen & Matt

Tuesday May 5: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:
  • Mmmm....Caramel Scrumtious...(recipe to be blogged)
  • Embrace adventure! Never ridden a motorcycle? That's okay! If you have a good friend that wants to travel the US with you by motorcycle - take it on!
  • Seek out wonderful tea - always!
  • "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Wednesday/Thursday May 6-7: Spencer en Route to Costa Rica

For all you couch surfers outh there you should know that these two have started me on this CS experience and i am hooked. They are both loving and caring people. it truly is an honor to know such a pure copule. I see glimpses of hope for true love every time I se them together.

Somthings I learned while surfing & visiting:

  • Try as much tea as you can!
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, sleep with your head toward the TV. The bar adds extra support for your pillows.

Take care and safe jouneys fellow CouchSurfers


Wednesday/Thursday May 6-7: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • Elk meat really is tasty! Especially spicy Elk sausage mixed with eggs...mmm.
  • Sleep heals what ails you.
  • Some friends just love late nights more than others ;)

Friday May 8: Lisa and Jason en route to Portland, OR

I have a feeling that we'll be daydreaming about sheep, wheat, ore, and brick as we cross the rest of Wyoming. Someday we will take the Catan crown from Mike! Thanks again for hosting us and please look us up if you are ever in the Portland, OR area. Have fun at the World Cup and during your trip across Africa. Make sure you bring plenty of tea!

Many thanks,

Jason & Lisa

Friday May 8: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • There is A LOT to think about when considering the purchase of a new bike.
  • Not everyone travelling to Portland from the East Coast is vegetarian.
  • Have courage! Be entrepreneurial!

Saturday May 9: Fred en route to New York

Dear Mike & Melissa,

Thank you so much for the ragin' party last night! Never have I had so much fun talking about world record eyebrows, or our crazy dreams or even methamphetamine (the funnest conversation of all). your cast of character friends were tons of fun, and I can't believe how hard they like to party! Of course, I can't forget about the delicious food - my Irish instincts were totally obsessed with your delicious potato salad, and the muffins were scrumptous. As well, your beer was both tasty (except for spice Mexican, darn my weak stomach!) And ver effective. And thankfully you have a great church where you allowed me to attend and therefore wash away the terrible sins of last night (party!) So, to wrap it up, your hide-a-bed is like a heavenly shiatsu massage, your beer flows like the rivers of Jordan, and i am going to tie my nipple hairs together and jump rope all the way to Chicago!

Thanks again! God Bless!


Saturday May 9: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • Apparently we are party animals!!! Wowzer ;)
  • Not everyone loves the Mexican Chili Beer.
  • Our church is welcoming to awesome Californian/New Yorkers that CouchSurf.
  • Grandma's Potato Salad has the power to win the hearts of many.
  • People are placed in the Guiness Book of World Records for simply having the "longest eyebrow hairs"

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Marsosudiro said...

Mexican chili beer sounds great! (I used to drink a nationally distributed chili beer from New Mexico (I think) but it went away.) Thought of you last week when a local beer store started selling growlers of its custom-brew. "I wonder if they'll do banana?" is the first thing that entered my mind :-)

Peace and Joy to you from NC, and extra laughs about the stomach-sleeper's guide to the pullout.


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