Sunday, May 31, 2009

Children Answer the Question: What would you do with $5?

Melissa Harrington recently conducted an informal survey of children ages 5-7 to find out what they would do with $5. As is common, the children show a great understanding of the power and grandness of a small gift. The following are answers to the question: What really nice thing would you do for someone else, with $5?

"You could use $5 to buy your mother a mother's day present." -A.R.

"You could save the $5 and then give it away later, when you have more money." - D.S.

"You could probably buy a house with $5. Or a toy car." - Z.G.

"I think you could buy a car for $5." -J.M.

"I would get somebody an oil change. You can probably do that for $5." -H.H.

"I would buy some toys." - T.S.

"You could probably buy some food." -D.S.

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