Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lessons from the Couch: March '09 - April '09

March and April Couchsurfing (and hosting) held some very special and unique experiences for the Harrignton Family. As they approach one year of being hosts, The Harrington's are continually amazed by the opportunity and experiences they have recieved via the Couchsurfing avenue. This season did not only bring them great guests and stories, but also their first publication outside of The Harrington Times. The Harrington's were able to share part of their Couchsurfing experience with REACH, a University of Wyoming Publication. Find the magazine on campus or stop by the Harrington home to check the article out.

Saturday March 14: Lindsay from Cheyenne, in town for the beautiful Steinken/Schroeder Wedding.

Hello My Friends!
Thank you so much for housing my puppy and I. We had an enjoyable sleep and were glad to have a place to eat and sleep and play. Mike, I am sorry my Dog doesn't like you, maybe you did something unforgiveable in a past life? I don't know. But we are Grateful!
We thank you for all the wonderful tea and Bread! We both do love you!
Lindsay and Lucy

Saturday March 14: Mike and Melissa

Time with Lindsay and Lucy provided:
  • Pleasant reminders of why Lindsay is a dear and beloved friend.
  • Beatles Songs
  • A chance to witness a beautiful Wedding Ceremony and celebrate the beginng on a lives lived together. Hoo-Ray!

Sunday April 12 - Easter Sunday: Family and Friends

The Harrington's made the bold decision to host Easter in the small basement apartment. Many family and friends took them up on their offer and the death and resurection were celebrated in the company of 14 friends and family.

Melissa and Mike, Thanks for having a wonderful Easter Celebration. Love ya, Mom and Dad!

Thanks for the great food! It was delish, even if it was dumpster food :) Molly

Thank you for having us for Easter and all your love. Papa and Grandma

Thanks for inviting me! It was a joy to share Easter dinner with you again. It was all delicious. Love, Katie.

Merry Flippin Easter! Xavier's B-day...Ok, Ok...Thanks for having was nice :) Travis

It was great to see you guys! Happy Easter! Thank you for the great meal! And for sharing the Shell-a-Bration! Hahaha! :) Happy Easter Seester & Mike! Luella

Happy Easter you guys! And thanks for having Lue and I to your humble abode. Safe Travels. -Alex

(Refused to sign: The Bartholomew Family).

Sunday April 12- Easter Sunday: Mike & Melissa

  • It is possible to feed 14 people using a small oven, storing things in a small fridge, and keeping within the months food budget (so long as you have a few supplementary food items).
  • You can even feed them Chicken Kiev and Teriyaki Salmon!
  • Making Mii's is fun! Playing the Wii is even more fun!
  • Teaching new people to play Catan - AWESOME!
  • Melissa will never have the right to claim a NEED for bigger space - she sufficed just fine.
  • Family and Friends that are like family, make for the best get togethers.
  • Smiles - all day!

Tuesday April 14: Carolyn & Ana - TOMS Vagabonds

Thank you SO much for opening your home to complete strangers. Our stay was absolutely lovely. We really appreciated your flexibility with us coming late and found your hospitality to be indicative of the nature of this entire town! may your Couch-Surfing adventures be as wonderful as you make them for others! Cheers! Northwest Vagabonds.

Tuesday April 14: Mike & Melissa

  • Hoo-Ray for TOMS Shoes! Check 'em out!

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