Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stories from the Couch: March 12

For the Harrington's and the Laramie CouchSurfing Community, the 12th has become the day for a monthly potluck. So, when Melissa received a CouchRequest on the 11th from Heather and Rain, she was eager to bring them into the Laramie Potluck mix. Not to mention, the two surfers also dropped the name of a mutual Laramie friend, so Heather and Rain were a sure bet.

As is common, Heather and Rain arrived in Laramie after a ridiculous amount of time driving on I-80 through Nebraska. They faithfully and generously prepared a treat of 'ants on a log' for the potluck which would begin within an hour of their arrival. At 12 after 6 o'clock Larame CouchSurfers began flooding the Harrington's basement apartment where eating and laughter was about to ensue.

Guests and the Harrington's enjoyed a variety of Persian dishes and good ole Southern style catfish cakes, peach cobbler and cornbread. After everyone was sufficiently nourished a group of 12 began an entertaining game of "telepictionary." Participants enjoyed a variety of sentences ranging from "Don' squat with your spurs on," to "I hate doing dishes and houshold chores." Pictures offered equal entertainment often featuring stick figures and/or a crow.

Eventually the evening wound down and the Harrington's as well as their surfers we're able to get some shut eye.

The following morning, Mike and Melissa enjoyed some time conversing with Heather and Rain in a more relaxed, intimate situation. They learned about an intentional community where nut butters are produced and rope sandals are made, the place from which Heather and Rain had travelled. They heard about the plight of buffalo in Yellowstone and Heather and Rain's hope to shed some light on the injustices being conducted. The Harrington's were able to share about Mark's vision for an intentional community in Laramie and encourage these new friends to consider returning and being a part of that process. And, as the 9 o'clock hour rolled around, all four found themselves in need of leaving. Heading for Montana. Heading for Ten Sleep Canyon.

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