Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrifting in Daejeon: The Beautiful Store

Update: November 7, 2011
This Beautiful Store location no longer exists.
Please check out The Beautiful Store - Youngmun
and The Beautiful Store - Daedong for your thrifting needs.

Those who know Melissa Harrington well know that in order to be well-dressed, she is in desparate need of second-hand and used clothing. Without such, Melissa would likely wear the same outfit daily or cause her loving husband to experience a heart attack as she pursued an acceptable wardrobe (this by no means is to imply Melissa is a fashion diva, however, the girl does enjoy some variety and practicality in her wardrobe).

Regardless of Melissa's personal style or preference for used clothing, the discovery of Korean thrift stores was nothing short of miraculous. Prior to arrival in Korea, Melissa had a conversation with a South Korean student at the University of Wyoming which resulted in Melissa learning that second-hand was not a popular concept in the land of Kimchi. A bit disheartened, Melissa held out hope that regardless of cultural norms, she could find one or two darling second-hand shops.

A bit of digging and investigating was needed, plus a good 'nose' for second-hand shops, before Melissa was able to discover not only one, but multiple thrift shops in Daejeon, South Korea.
One such shop goes by the name The Beautiful Store or 아름다욱거게. Supposedly, three such thrift stores exist in Daejeon however Melissa has become privy only to one, to which she has graciously shared details of with The Harrington Times.

Getting there: Capitol Tower/Basement Beautiful Store

A few Beautiful Store 'Finds'

One of The Beautiful Stores can be found just off the Government Complex Station Sub stop located in the basement of Capitol Tower. The Beautiful Store has a decent selection of men and women's tops, a few good pants and skirts, decent (and affordable) winter coats as well as shoes, handbags, dishes and occassionally furniture. Most tops are priced between 2,000-5,000W - an easy price to pay compared to department store prices which easily reach into the 10,000's and 100,000's. Another perk of this particular thrift store is their willingness to take items off your hands. Should you find you've lost a lot of weight or couldn't stand to be seen in that cute ruffly skirt back home simply enter The Beautiful Store with what you wish to leave behind, hand to a worker, usually wearing a green apron, and bid farewell to that which is too big, bulky or out of style!

The Beautiful Store closes at 6:00 pm on weeknights (and perhaps weekends) so it is important to plan your trip accordingly. Check back at The Harrington Times in the (hopefully) near future regarding a few of Melissa Harrington's additional can't-be-beat-thrift-store finds.

Getting There: Upon arriving at Government Complex station stop by bus or subway take exit 4 then walk straight. You should cross two streets, after crossing the second street you should be in front of Capitol Tower, enter the tower, find the stairs or elevator, go to B1, look for the green sign claiming: The Beautiful Store and enjoy yourself some thrift store goods.


CityGirl said...

I am making plans to head there this weekend :) More to drop things off than to buy (I can't possibly fit anything more into my suitcase!)
Thanks for the awesome post!

Annalise said...

Ahhhhh this makes me happy happy happy for you!

Melissa said...

@ CityGirl - Glad I could be of some help - it's easy peasy to drop stuff off!
@ Annalise - thanks :)

Melissa said...

@ CityGirl - Glad I could be of some help - it's easy peasy to drop stuff off!
@ Annalise - thanks :)


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