Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Highlights of Spring Break 2010

Once again, The Harrington's enjoyed Spring Break in Ten Sleep Canyon at the Harrington Family Cabin. The break was sufficiently refreshing and relaxing providing great memories, build with great and cherished friends. Here, we report on 10 Highlights of this years Wyoming Spring Break.

Highlight #1:
Being nearly ran over by Jalan Crossland in Worland, WY at the local Blair's Grocery store.

Highlight #2:
The 2nd Ten Sleep Canyon Extreme Croquet Tournament co-designed by Mark and Keivan. Attended by: Mike, Melissa, Mark, Mike N. and Keivan. After three rounds, Mike Harrington reigned all-time Champion. The game itself was highlighted by downward drops, wickets hiding between rocks, a faulty pipeline wicket and for the later games a beautiful snowfall.

Highlight #3:
Fried Potatoes, Eggs, Corn Beef and Cabbage, Pizza from the Ten Sleep Saloon, Biscuits and Gravy, Steaks and lots of Almond and Cashew Butter

Highlight #4:
Not having to work.
Simple. Relaxing. Days.
Highlight #5:
Playing games late into the nate. Countless rounds of Nerts and one ridiculous game of Quelf.

Highlight #6:
Reading. By the Fire.
Melissa finished: The House on Mango Street, Plainsong, Say You're One of Them, The Color of Water, The Emotionally Healthy Church and started Rules of the Wild
Mike finished: Eragon and started Eldest
Mark worked on: No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization and Selected Writings of Dorothy Day
Keivan finished: Catcher in the Rye and started Reading Lolita in Tehran
Mike N. worked on a Pulitzer Prize book
Highlight #7:
Being in Worland and seeing the the temperature was 57. Hello Spring.

Highlight #8:
Sleeping in. Sometimes until noon.
Highlight #9:
Enjoying the great outdoors.

Highlight #10:
Roasting marshmallows and jumping over a fire in celebration of the Wednesday before the Persian New Year.

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shellycoulter said...

Good times! I like the last picture!


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