Monday, August 23, 2010

One Night in Khayelitsha

The day of the township tour was the day Mike and Melissa Harrington first met Miss Vicky or Vicky's B&B. Hearing her story and being in her hom, the couple new that a night with Vicky would round out their South African experience as nothing else could. Little did they know, just how fun, entertaining, informative and experiential a night in Khayelitsha would be.

Vicky had been operating her B&B for a number of years now. She opened up when her home was just a township "shack" and allowed visitors an inside look as to how life in a township takes place. Upon arrival, the Harringtons dropped their bags and then, as per request, were escorted to the daycare which was run just behind the B&B. At the daycare, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington were handed spoons and cartons of yogurt which they proceeded to feed to children 2-4 years old. Most children stared wide-eyed at the couple who were a litte less than sure as to what the normal feeding procedure was. Eventually, each child had enjoyed their afternoon snack so the Harrington's with only a few yogurt smears on their clothes, made their way upstairs to help with the older children as well as hear some enthusiastic singing from the crew of youngsters.

As parents and older siblings came to pick the kiddos up from school the Harrington's returned to Vicky's B&B where they soon met other township visitors, heard a wild tale about South African weddings and were eventually introduced to a young man who would happily take the couple on a walking tour of the township. Following the walking tour, the couple were entered into the games, energy and excitement of Vicky's children. The kids were thrilled to look at ALL the couples travel photos held on the memory card as well as play ALL of the videos stored on the Flip camcorder. In the process, more than a few more photos were taken.

After a large and filling dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington were entertained and engaged in numerous clapping games until it was the children's (and the Harrington's) bedtime. One night in Khayalitsha is one night that will be forever remembered.

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