Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Rainy Day Tour of the Cape Peninsula

A Cape Peninsula Tour is an absolute MUST when spending a week in Cape Town, South Africa. On a gray, misty morning the Harrington’s alongside the Heller’s made their way into Cape Town to be picked up by BazBus at their main office. Hesitatingly the crew along with four other tourists loaded the bus and hoped for the sun to break through the clouds. The first stop allowed the group to see an overfed seal and feel enough chill in their bones that they eagerly reloaded the bus. Driving the coast afforded outstanding views of the 12 Apostles, waves crashing on the cliffs and the lush greenery of Southern Africa.

One highlight of visiting the Cape is Boulders Beach, the place African Penguins call home. Aside from strong fecal smells, the Harrington’s and other guests of the beach enjoyed watching the penguins waddle along the peach, poke their heads out of the bush, and screech at tourists from underneath the boardwalk. Having seen more penguins than expected, the bus was reloaded and the crew headed to the Cape’s National Park.

Upon arriving at the National Park each tourist was outfitted with a bicycle and enjoyed a short bike ride down through the park before arriving at their picnic stop. With energy levels renewed, the group reloaded into the bus and made their way further down the Peninsula. Hiking was the next order of business and all tourists were grateful for the sunshine that had finally decided to make an appearance. The views again were enjoyable and at times stunning, a perfect way for the Harrington’s to begin their stay in Cape Town and for the Heller’s to finalize their time in South Africa.


Marsosudiro said...

I don't know who's cuter: you guys or the penguins.

One thing that struck me in this blog was that the tour provided/included bicycles. I could imagine bicycles as a default ingredient in many European countries, but never in the US.

Two weeks ago I bought a bicycle to replace one I gave away last year. Skinned my knee within the first 200 yards. Got honked at by a car within the next 500.

The penguins would have laughed at me if I'd been with you.

Anonymous said...


Melissa, that was JUST for you.

You know why. :)


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