Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trains, Rain, and Calamari

It is with no great importance that we bring you this story or perhaps snippit, regarding the Harrington’s travels along the Garden Route. Twice, however, the Harrington’s stayed at Santos Express, a hostel set up in an old train located right on the beach in Mossel Bay, South Africa. The first morning, the Harrington’s were woken to the most splendid rising of the sun and crashing of the waves they had ever witnessed, highlighted by the fact that they were lying in bed, still half asleep.

Their second morning however greeted them with grey skies and a heavy mist. This morning they had hoped to go diving with Great White Sharks but instead found themselves stuck inside watching golf and catching up on a few odds and ends. All was not lost, as the couple took full advantage of the Santos Restaurant and enjoyed some of the most fabulous Calamari known to man before boarding the BazBus to make their way to Cape Town.

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