Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Jowlin' Good Birthday

Nearly 2 years ago, the Harrington's boarded a plane bound for South Korea. On the same plane sat two gents, one Brian, one Aaron. Although the group was unaware at the time, they would soon find themselves on the same bus, to the same orientation and teaching in the same South Korean town. Brian and Aaron would boldly submit their application for friendship with the Harrington duo and soon settle into a joy-filled, laugh-out-loud, family-away-from-family set of friendships. Brian would re-locate first. The Harrington's second.

But before this next round of relocating, it was the pleasure of a few good men and women, to celebrate with brews and steak the life and times of Aaron Fitzgerald, a man of puns and jokes, musicality and amiability, a teacher, a friend, a guitarist, a lover of green beans and pat-bing-su (but not together), one who prefers stouts to wheats and laughs to tears, a caring goofball of a friend who will be sorely missed...and let's be honest, who wouldn't miss and love men who can make faces such as these?

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