Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lessons from the Couch: July '08

The month of July, was for Mike and Melissa, the beginning of their adventures in couchsurfing. This month they hosted a total of three couchsurfers a total of five nights. The Harrington's learned many things as did those who slept on the couch. The following are excerpts from the Guest Book that relate the lessons learned by couchsurfers and Mike and Melissa as well.
Friday July 11, 2008: K.K. from "The North"
"Things to consider after this visit: ugly/tacky sweater parties and full body dumpster dives."
Friday July 11, 2008: Mike and Melissa

"What we learned from K.K.:
  • Listen. Observe. Enjoy.
  • Old German textbooks are definitely worth 50 cents."

Monday July 21, 2008: Phil from North Carolina

"Things I have learned and received today:

  • Minestrone can be made extra yummy with green tea.
  • Altitude makes yummy bear that smells more than tastes, like banana.
  • A sister with a bike and a nearby residence is a lovely thing.
  • [Southeast Asia] is a perfect place to begin a journey with one's perfectly chosen mate for life.

Monday July 21, 2008: Mike and Melissa

"What we learned from Phil:

  • Serve people everywhere you go.
  • Travel by car and bike.
  • Buy corn, cabbage and onions in Nebraska as a "thank you" gift for couchsurfing hosts.
  • Start an online business so you can work and travel w/ less hassle.
  • Simplify.

Melissa, Phil, and Mike enjoying breakfast before Phil's departure.

Sunday July 27 - Wednesday July 30, 2008: Sarah from France

"I felt here like at home and that is the best feeling you can have when you're travelling...I have really appreciated your conversations, the way you show me how beautiful the mountains in Wyoming can be, and the fact that you make me meet some of your friends."

Sunday July 27 - Wednesday July 30, 2008: Mike and Melissa

"What we learned from Sarah:

  • Enjoy your food. Experience the meal. Slow down. Stop counting calories.
  • The purpose of couchsurfing is to adapt to your host, live life the way your hosts live life.
  • Le Mans, France is home to an impressive car race.
  • America does not have the proper flour for crepes.
  • Greyhound is always late.

Sarah, Melissa and Mike at the Trailhead for Medicine Bow.

Mike, Melissa and Sarah at the top of Medicine Bow Peak


Stephanie said...

One of my favorite things about the two of you is how incredibly willing you are to open your lives to others. You're like an incredibly good book that continues getting better as one chooses to dive in. I love that about you! What fun you've had during this 'couch surfing' experience. My prayer is that the Lord continues placing amazing surfers upon your couch!

shellycoulter said...

Yay for having a blog! I didn't know before this...but promise to be an avid reader of all your life adventures!

Hope to see you guys soon! I always like to see you and its even better when we get to actually talk too! :)

Kristy said...

I dont fully understand all of it, but i'm glad that you guys are learning alot with this couch surfing. it reminds me of some of the books i'v read and envyed, 'blue like jazz' and 'traveling mercies'. Just the concept of takeing in a stranger and trying to absorb evrything you can and just appriciate life whatever form it takes. the reverse is also cool in the fact that you have the chance to go visit other people and addapt to thier lifestyle without imposeing your own, gaining an appriciation for all types of living situations and places people live. keep up the surfing!

now i know that you have this blog i will definatly keep up on your posts, kinda like a favorit TV show or news paper coulum.

love Kristy


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