Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Back: Dancing in the Streets

Following the world travels of the summer 2010, the Harrington's found themselves in San Francisco enjoying Mexican food, wine, cool air, family and friends while acquiring their visa for their year contract to teach English in South Korea. A few days in San Francisco is always enjoyable, particularly when enjoyed with good people and when stumbling upon annual festivals. Annual festivals in San Francisco are particularly enjoyable when live music enduces live dancing as seen in the following footage.

On that day, the Harrington's weren't fully unaware that approximately 8 months later, they'd find themselves walking the streets of another festival hosting city and stumble upon yet another instance of live music producing live dancing.

Turns out, festivals all around the globe bring out the best in people's dancing skills and for that, the Harrington's are grateful.


Sandra said...

That lady with the cane and the backpack totally cracked me up! That's great! And I could almost imagine her inner dialogue when the lady took her cane and backpack, "Wait, that's my stuff... oh, forget it, I'd rather dance!" Haha!
Fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

SaraJane said...

Love her! I will be watching this again. That was a great way to end the day.


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