Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Life Snippets hosted by Lady Annyeong: Fall 2015

Fall highlights from the perspective of the "Lady of Abode 212":

  • Winter arrived later than usual, which meant more time lounging in the backyard.
  • M 'n' M have finally figured out how to "help" this Lady warm up to visitors - FOOD! I have met some new friends, of course they are only friends after handing over a treat (cheese-sticks being the #1 choice).
  • Mom thought it'd be real cute to dress up as a cat for Halloween, truth: it wasn't that cute, I'm far cuter without a costume!
  • Dad likes to throw me in his loud, rickety trucks to drive to town. The Alabaster Disaster (T.A.D.) kind of freaks me out, but I do adore cuddling up next to him for our weekly trip to town, so I''ll deal with that bit of inconvenience.
  • I had this AMAZING habit of storing my dry dog food all over the house, in case I got the midnight munchies. Apparently, this annoyed my humans - they commented it was something like stepping on, their solution? Feed me wet dog food. Let me just say, this is all my doggy heart needs to be fully satisfied, I don't even mind not being able to store food for munchies, this food trumps all that dry, hard food I'd been forced to choke down over the years.
  • Mom has made a solid habit of journaling, reading, praying and drinking coffee in the mornings. This means, bonus cuddling and having a giant bed to lounge on for an extra 30 minutes everyday - pure bliss. She's also decorated the room a bit better (one of hte guest rooms that is) and dad even put some shelves up recently to store all their beer...seriously, the things they do in the name of "research" - I should say I'm starting a cheese stick factory so I can just eat all the cheese sticks I want and claim that it's my "duty".


Fall lowlights from the perspective of the "Lady of Abode 212

  • Mom and Dad left me alone, twice, in September - for a wedding and beer-filled, Denver weekend - seriously, how can leave this sweet face behind?
  • Mom went back to work at the school and there have been some "busy" nights at The Burlington Place, which generally means I get a few less if I can handle only having a huge back yard to run around in, so much neglect in my days.
  • The parents also got a hot tub this summer, finally set it up this fall...which means, they go outside more often, but guess who has no desire to get into the hot tub? This mutt. So what good is this thing that takes my cuddle people away? No good, no good at all!

Well, as my people would say: Cheers humans! If you come a knockin' you better be holding a cheese stick!



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