Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reviving The Harrington Times

In the previous week we have:

  • Hosted three groups of 20 diners; amid the usual smattering of two-tops, three-tops, four-tops, etc.
  • Prepared 209 pizzas for dine-in and take-out (in a town of 288 people)
  • Enjoyed steak and eggs for Sunday Brunch, prior to going to work selling pizza and beer
  • Watched Dracula: Untold while devouring squash and pork enchiladas
  • Received a gift of New Glarus brews from a set of hunters that literally come through once a year
  • Shot a pheasant (Mike, specifically conquered this task)
  • Began conducting a few flight searches in hopes of some spring travel
  • Prepared a menu for Thanksgiving to be hosted at Abode 212
  • Looked over numerous math tests to assist students at Burlington Schools (Melissa, specifically conquered this task)

And now, some thoughts on reviving the blog space.

Truly, there is no surprise that in opting to start a small restaurant/bar business has left us with little to no spare time. To that avail, blogging was among the first hobbies to find itself on the back burner, the back burner of our Laramie home nonetheless. So, a bit of searching and reviving, a bit of time management and adjustment has lead me to digging out a new pot. A new pot that will likely find itself on the back burner, however, it will at least be the back burner to our new home, our Burlington home, the home we affectionately call Abode 212.

In terms of managing a blog that was initiated with the purpose of chronicling big and mundane moments of a life together, it seems a bit overwhelming to jump into our story three years from the previous post. If we’d peacefully lived under a rock in those passing days, weeks and years, it’d be easy to pick up the story from there. However, we’ve been busier than we’ve ever been as The Harrington’s. We’ve learned infinitely more about running a business, tax structures, small town politics, regional success, old buildings, home-ownership, cocktail recipes, the service industry, hosting family and friends while working multiple full time jobs, etc. And personally, I want some of those stories chronicled. I want a resource, a place, where I can return and remember all those moments: big, small, mundane and heel-click worthy.

So, perhaps the next three years (and the previous three) will be presented in the least chronological of order The Harrington Times has ever known. Perhaps this “phase” will quickly die out and chronological order will be the least of any of our worries. For now, I’ll look forward to regaling any wayward readers with the latest tragedies and comedies of our little Burlington life. Fortunately, in this age of the “hashtag” I can easily take advantage of #memorymonday, #throwbackthursday/#tbt and #flashbackfridays/#fbf in order to document the moments which would otherwise get left on the back burner of our sweet Abode 212. All these moments, past and present, feeling ever crucial to the make-up of our lives, worthy of recording, of remembering and of sharing.

Cheers to revival friends! Revival of a blog, revival of stories and revival of writing habits (a personal favorite).

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